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Backflip reset for no reason at all !!Support

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  1. lcc014

    lcc014 Member

    Last week, my backflip frozen/reset itself many times for no reason. It just stopped responding and reset. Once it came back, and after a few touch to the screen, it was frozen and reset again. The whole phone was not usable at all for about 30 minutes (came up - reset - came up ...).

    I had tried the "battery fix" by inserting a small piece of paper above the battery to try to hold down the battery better. That did not help at all. After about 30 minutes, the phone seems to be stable again. Everything went back to normal.

    I have not installed any apps to this phone. All the apps in the phone are factory installed. Any idea to try to fix this crazy reset issue ?


    Ching-Ho Cheng

  2. Winters37

    Winters37 Well-Known Member

    i had this problem once before. it just went away after about a week so im guessing the same will happen with you.
  3. lcc014

    lcc014 Member

    Thanks for the reply. Mine happened more often than your phone. I hope that it will go away ...

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