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  1. BLaZE252

    BLaZE252 New Member

    Hey Guys

    I just bought my new Motorola XT5 and i have a question or two about background data

    If i download something from the market with background data turned on (BTW i am on a pre-paid optus simcard) and with my wifi connected does it waist money on my prepaid?

    Because today when i started up my phone i didnt know that the background data was on and i wasted $22 of my pre-paid card so it just got me thinking does turning on background data while connected to wifi still waist my credit when i download free apps from the market?

    Thanks BLaZE252

  2. addyhash

    addyhash Member

    if your connected to wifi, the data is not counted on ur mobile account, it is athe the router end ( p.c. etc) but there is a free app called 3g watchdog which monitors ur 3g mobile data downloads, you can even set limits etc.
    task killer is another good app that lets u know whats running in background.
    how are you finding the live clock widget, mine is never the right time it is as if it doesn't refresh very often...
  3. addyhash

    addyhash Member

    fixed the clock... task killer was stopping it... ;) :eek:

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