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  1. evo9

    evo9 New Member

    hello everyone, im a noob to android and this fourm. I bought a moto cliq xt a few months back and only used it for a few days because of the background data racking up my bill.

    Im with ATT and got cliq unlocked and rooted ( opted for the cliq cuz everyone i know has an iphone).
    My question is, is there away around the backgroung data, how to turn it off, ive tried going to the seetings and clicked "use only 2g networks" but still get the bg data.

    ive come to think maybe its the root, i wouldnt mind unrooting the phone and learn to use it first unrooted. will the "factory data reset" reset the phone back to factory specs?

  2. Mastermind278

    Mastermind278 Well-Known Member

    Root does not increase background data. All it does is give you more access to the internal files of the phone.

    As for using the "use only 2G networks" that won't make any difference since you are using the phone on AT&T, and the CliqXT doesn't do 3G on the AT&T network, so it is always on 2G (Edge).

    I recommend using either DroidWall (Choose which apps can/cannot access data via Wifi or Data Signal [3g/2g]) or APNDroid (Will stop all background data on cell carrier till you turn it back on).
    Both of these apps will require root!

    Also Motoblur uses a lot of background data, I recommend installing one of the Android 2.1 Roms that allow you to turn off Blur (Basically Blurless MM278 or ADLXMOD 2.154-2) or even CM7 (Gingerbread).

    As for unrooting, why would you unroot!
  3. evo9

    evo9 New Member

    thanks for the reply, since the post i flashed the phone back to Tmobile firmware 1.31.44, the reason for unrooting is because im a total noob, havent even used an iphone, and the phone just didnt seem to run smoothly. is there different roots? and i have the ANPdroid app installed now, it it seems to be working, turns off background data and 3g/edge/gprs. but now i cant send or recieve MMS. I can if i turn off the APN option. Is there anyway around that?
  4. Mastermind278

    Mastermind278 Well-Known Member

    Well APNDroid completely turns off Data and MMS are sent via Data Connection. You could try the DROIDWall and allow it to work via Edge.

    As for root, root is root, all it does is allow 'administrative access' to the phones files.
    I recommend one of the many 2.1 or even Gingerbread ROMs that will work even better.
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  5. evo9

    evo9 New Member

    ok ive been doing some reading on roms. mastermind278, from what i understand motoblur is what keeps the background data going correct? so the blurless rom would pretty much get rid of the background data?.:confused:
  6. Mastermind278

    Mastermind278 Well-Known Member

    It would decrease Background data, though if you are on a limited Data Plan, I'd definitely recommending using DroidWall limiting access.
  7. evo9

    evo9 New Member

    ok well im going to do the superoneclick root. So rooting will not affect the OS correct? before i flashed back to stock, some of my buttoms wouldnt do what the manual said they did, so i take it my phone had some sort of rom.
  8. zahra

    zahra New Member

    i delited the app. corporated, and then marked stopped working. when i press marked it says; background data needed. or you need antivirus from android. try seach hacersecurety or mobilesecurety. or antivirusprogram.

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