Background does not pan anymore when I scroll

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  1. ozzy197

    ozzy197 New Member

    Hey folks!

    Can someone please help me out here? I got a brand new Galaxy S2 (t-mobile) two days ago and suddenly today...the home screen background wallpaper stopped panning when I scroll left or right.

    I dont have any launcher installed. Its just running on basic ICS OS (4.0.3)

    Will really appreciate it if you can help me fix this glitch - I really liked that cool effect.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    Reselect the wall paper, you may have erroneously cropped it wrong or something.
  3. ozzy197

    ozzy197 New Member

    I already tried all that before I posted this issue. Im using the default wallpapers that came with the phone and made no croppings or adjustments when setting the wallpapers.
    It just wont pan in either direction when I scroll the home screen left or right

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