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Background processes that eat up the battery?

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  1. skelooth

    skelooth Member

    When I google for this I get a lot of iphone mailing lists, so hopefully someone here can help me fill in my newbie gaps.

    When you say.... start google maps, or start a game of pac man, etc, then hit home it seems like those apps are 'stuck' in the background. I hopped into the terminal and did a top but because it's not a real bashell top was unusable (i'd scroll to the top and it would jump back down). I tried a ps aux but only caught one thread. I ran ps by its self and found a mesoptamia of crap. Everything I had touched in the past two days seemed to still be running!

    How do you manage threads in android?? I've looked (what I think is) everywhere for some sort of thread manager but I don't see one. So.... ? These background threads also eat the hell out of battery life. My g1 barely lives a day of normal use just as a phone.

    Thanks so much for help. It's a really basic question, and I don't know why I haven't been able to find the information. Is there some sort of 'non unix' terminology people are using to refer to android process management? How are end users supposed to manage this?

  2. skelooth

    skelooth Member

    I'm shocked. Now I know why I couldn't find any information about killing threads... you CAN'T! It's not a feature!

    Since I'm here, what is the 'normal' channel for android devs? The board is slowish. I really dislike email lists and irc, are there any official forums?
  3. dynodroid

    dynodroid Well-Known Member

    You can download Close Everything from the market and it does it's best to close out all the background applications.

    Also, instead of hitting home, if you hit the back button, you will be a lot closer to "killing" them then leaving them up and running at full speed.

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