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  1. SyTech

    SyTech Member

    My RSS feeds don't work and it appears that verizon says, RESET the phone. With that in mind, I've purchased some apps and I want to put them back on the phone after I reset the phone.

    Or does the android market allow you to install it again on the same device after a reset, since you've already paid for it?

    What can you recommend?

  2. nitsuj17

    nitsuj17 Well-Known Member

    any apps you buy from the android market are linked to your google no matter what android phone you have...once the account is linked to it and you to my apps or my downloads in the market...its available to redownload for no extra charge
  3. SyTech

    SyTech Member

    Many thanks. I had to reset my phone since my RSS feeds weren't working. Resetting worked. Not right away but later that day.

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