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  1. PostNoob

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    I have an Evo 4g flashed to metro pcs that won't notify me when I receive voicemails. I've tried rebooting a million times and have come to the conclusion that I have a software issue and need to root my phone to fix it (something about replacing a apk file, still learning).
    Anyway, I'm worried about rooting my phone because I don't want to lose my contacts, apps , ANYTHING, really, and I'm not sure what's saved on my phone and what's saved on my sd card, or how I should back up everything safely before I attempt to not brick my phone. How do I figure out what is where, and how can I save it all?
    First post ever, go easy please.

  2. argedion

    argedion The TechnoFrog Moderator

    I would venture to say that you probably are already rooted if your on metro pcs. If that is the case then you just need to reinstall the voicemail app

    shut the phone down completely and then hold volume down button plus the power key and tell us what is on the white screen.
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  3. Mikestony

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    Welcome PostNoob!
    We dont' bite (too hard anyway:) )
    I am not familiar with the voicemail issue you are having, especially with metropcs. Are you sure the only way to fix it is by rooting?
    I mean, we will be more than happy to help you root, but I don't want you to go thru the whole process of rooting just to find out that rooting didn't fix your issue ya know?
    There are ways of backing up contacts (in google), the process of unlocking your bootloader and rooting, you will lose all of that on your phone. Your apps are synced on your google account, free and paid..just not the data for them.
    You wont lose anything on your sd card.
    Here is a great guide to read and please, ask any questions you may have if you are unclear on something...we will are more than happy to help:D

    And this:
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  4. PostNoob

    PostNoob Member

    That's recovery mode, right? It says "locked" so I'm guessing it's only flashed and not rooted ...
  5. PostNoob

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    Thanks for the warm welcome!
    According to most of what I'm reading online, unless rebooting fixes the problem, the only solution in this particular case seems to be rooting the phone and replacing a file.
    Thanks also for the links ... The first one was one I had already referenced in fact.
    I'm gonna read them thoroughly and definitely hit you guys up with any follow up questions.
  6. Mikestony

    Mikestony ~30% Carbon Black ± Moderator

    Please do! We like to help out and will most definitely answer your questions:)

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