backing up/restoring before i root

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  1. bbalcrazy92

    bbalcrazy92 Member

    hey all
    i'm planning to root my phone but before i do that i'm going to back up my data so i can restore it after root. i have a galaxy nexus(verizon if that matters) and i'm going to root my phone using this guide i found How To Unlock and Root The Verizon Galaxy Nexus (Easy Way)
    it seems to be the easiest way. this phone doesn't have an external Sd card and i'm wondering if there is any way i can back up my data.. pics contacts apps app data etc.. for free? any recommendations anyone?

    EDIT: never mind i dont need to keep my app data. just pics vids contacts apps and all that fun stuff

  2. bbalcrazy92

    bbalcrazy92 Member

    i backed up my data with mybackup (the free version) i had to back it up and save the backup to the internal sd card.. since gnex doesn't have an external one and i can't back it up online because i don't have the paid version.. should i buy the app or can i still restore it from the internal sd?
  3. kadimi

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