Backlight bleed

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  1. michaelg1030

    michaelg1030 Well-Known Member

    I just bought my nook yesterday and noticed it has backlight bleed or light leakage by the n. So it's pretty common on these I've been reading, but does it progressively get worse? I can live with how it is now, but not if its going to be a precursor to some other LCD issue ill need to know.

  2. trankster

    trankster Well-Known Member

    I have not noticed the backlight bleed, but will check it out in the dark. Had mine almost 6 months, use it daily for a few hours and the screen is good as new. Love my NC!
  3. DoAndroidDream?

    DoAndroidDream? Well-Known Member

    I have no backlight bleed at all on my NC. I would return it for another. I returned my first one because it had a dead pixel.

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