Backlight on my physical keyboard turns off so quick.. Any fix?Support

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  1. chixdigit

    chixdigit Well-Known Member

    I've noticed (when it's dark- mostly) that the backlight on my physical keyboard turns off in (what seems like) 15 seconds.. Can't be more than 30 seconds, and it really seems quicker than that.
    It turns off when the rest of my lighting is still on.
    My backlight timeout is set at 1 min.
    I can't find any way at all in the settings to adjust the backlight timeout for my physical keyboard.
    Is anyone else having/ noticing this very quick time out on the PHYSICAL keyboard?
    Any fixes that anyone can offer?

  2. dbpaddler

    dbpaddler Well-Known Member

    I just hit the spacebar to bring it back up. Not really a solution, but it does the trick for me.
  3. kahale

    kahale Well-Known Member

    yea annoying when it times out before your screen does. i wish there was a setting for this. i hope 2.0 update has this option.
  4. Filkbomb

    Filkbomb New Member

    I hope they have fix or add a setting for this soon. To keep the back light on you have the check box marked to automatic brightness ON.
  5. souljah335

    souljah335 Well-Known Member

    I close the slide and open it right away. I also do that when there is 15% of battery life left as it puts the light on as well (Even though everything dims out).
  6. Doodle

    Doodle Member

    Shuts off way too quickly. I can be in the middle of typing a word and the backlight goes off, leaving me (literally) in the dark. This is very annoying! and no, 2.0 didn't fix that. There should be a setting that allows you to keep that light on as long as you're continuously typing. It doesn't make sense for it to time out while you're typing...:confused:
  7. dbpaddler

    dbpaddler Well-Known Member

    it's pretty frickin' annoying. you can't type, collect your thoughts and keep typing. you have to hit a button to get the backlight on and then undo that button press. Typing anything of length is frustrating.
  8. unzip7

    unzip7 New Member

    Did anyone tell sprint about this, I hate it when it times out as I am trying to type a text and collect my thoughts. When I told tech support about it, they did not even know this was a issue. Also Is anyone else have problems with the GPS, My phone can never find my location, I am in Florida and it always says my location is San Pedro Sula, Honduras??
  9. unzip7

    unzip7 New Member

    Is anyone else having problems with the GPS, My phone can never find my location, I am in Florida and it always says my location is San Pedro Sula, Honduras??
  10. gwbennett

    gwbennett Member

    I prefer to simply touch the optical pad (as it is not capable of producing a "click" as opposed to a laptop trackpad, which can [if not disabled]) That brings the keyboard light back without necessitating an undesired keystroke. However, I do agree the timeout is far too short, and should be adjustable. It should also allow separate settings for battery versus external power. Maybe once root is better explored on the phone. That seems to be the answer to a lot of questions lately...
  11. emcube

    emcube Active Member

    I was also very frustrated by this early shutoff, but I found a way that I actually like it better than prolong keyboard light. When I'm using the physical keyboard, my right fore finger is naturally placed near the camera button. when your back light goes out, you simply tap the camera button and the keyboard light is back on. This method works so well that I actually think this is part of the camera button's functionality. lemme know how this works out for ya!
  12. 9Nails

    9Nails Well-Known Member

    In addition to the camera button trick mentioned above, you can also wave your thumb over the optical mouse and turn the light back on. My lights stay on for about 5 seconds. That's too fast, I agree.
  13. krishnac

    krishnac Active Member

    That's a great suggestion. I think that that is a fantastic workaround; sure I'd like the ability to extend the timeout, but I think I'd leave the timeout as is and use this instead.
  14. agent0014

    agent0014 Well-Known Member

    unfortunately neither the optical pad or the camera button do anything for the backlight if your battery thinks it's below 15%. So annoying.
  15. dth4310

    dth4310 Member

    known issue: Samsung Moment:Samsung Moment not reporting correct...

    Long and short is that you need to disable location by wireless networks until a fix is released.

    ....Back to the regularly scheduled discission about keyboard backlight.
  16. T-Virus

    T-Virus Member

    I emailed/talked to samsung and they said. (These are COPIED from the message from my mailbox, I didn't type these! I'll take screen shots if you don't believe me!):cool:

    "The phone does not come with an option to keep the keyboard backlight on however you cann add a 3rd party application (through the market feature) that will allow the keyboard backlight to stay on longer or never time out"

    So I asked names or hints on what to look for in the market. The reply I got was.:confused:

    "Thank you for your inquiry.Unfortunately, we do not support the use of 3rd party applications and services with any of our devices. For this reason, we do not have information compiled on possible resources.If you are having issues with the use of a specific 3rd party application or service, we recommend contacting the manufacturer of that application or service for compatibility and support assistance."

    I love how they tell me to look on the market but, cannot give me a name. Also they don't support the use of 3rd party apps? So why is there a market for androids or tell me there are 3rd party apps? :rolleyes:

    I also have tried "Lit key" trial and paid and just forced closed when I tried to start the service. :mad:

    I'm currently trying to make an app to help us! If it works I promise it'll be free and maybe a donate. So fingers crossed.:p
  17. jasonamd

    jasonamd Well-Known Member

    In 2.1 there is an option for keyboard light timeout.
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  18. dbpaddler

    dbpaddler Well-Known Member

    up to a minute, which is what I set mine to. Works just fine.
  19. T-Virus

    T-Virus Member

    Mine wont update to 2.1>.<
  20. cosine83

    cosine83 Well-Known Member

  21. T-Virus

    T-Virus Member

    When I go to settings>About Phone>System Updates> It loops back to About Phone? I did a video but it's pointless lol.
  22. cosine83

    cosine83 Well-Known Member

    That happens to me sometimes. I just hit about phone again.
  23. T-Virus

    T-Virus Member

    So any good backup apps so I can keep my messages and apps and restore my phone before the awful flashing:(
  24. cosine83

    cosine83 Well-Known Member

  25. Thefoodman52

    Thefoodman52 Well-Known Member

    Well, I don't see anybody mentioning this so...

    I never rooted my Moment when I had it to make it the 2.1 beta thing, so this is for CL14 or CJ05 users. When the back light on your turns off if you pause, just take your index finger (that's already wrapped the phone) and just tap the camera key. Not all they way, just do it till it's halfway (what you do to autofocus the camera normally) . The keyboard should light up, but only if it's over 15% battery. If it's 15% or less, you're screwed either way.

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