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  1. StepCalhoun

    StepCalhoun Member

    Just bought an xperia play which i absolutely love. Already own a xoom and was looking forward to putting all the games i bought with it onto my play, however i cant seem to find backstab in the marketplace on my play and the only way to get it seems to buy it again directly from gameloft. Is there anyway i can get it onto my play without having to purchase it again?

  2. Xphyle

    Xphyle Well-Known Member

    You could get it from an "alternative" market.

  3. StepCalhoun

    StepCalhoun Member

    lmao, feel the same way about films, buy physical copies several times in my life, video, dvd, blu ray but if i want it on my i pod i have to get it from an 'alternative' market. oh well, put in a request to gameloft but cant imagine they will hurry up and get back to me.
  4. iSwaQ

    iSwaQ Member

    There is a way. If you've still got the Backstab.apk file on your old phone, you could connect that old phone to your PC and then transfer the .apk file to the computer and then plug in your Xperia PLAY to your computer to transfer the .apk file from your computer to your Xperia PLAY.

    To do this you'll need an app called "ASTRO File Manager" you can download it for free on the official market.

    PM me if you need further help. Good luck.
  5. StepCalhoun

    StepCalhoun Member

    thanks for the advice. I contacted gameloft and they have said its because i got it for xoom (there redownload policy is restricted to the same model) but on this one occasion they will give me a free download

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