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    KASIEHARTL New Member

    I need to backup apps on my Droid 2 and restore them to droid 4. Backup and Restore App shows no archived files on the Droid 4.

    I can see them in the "My Files" section, but do not know how to restore from there, or even if this is possible.

    Can anyone offer a solution, or an alternate route to accomplish this?

    BTW, the key file I want to restore is not Google App, so reintalling is not the issue.


  2. kadimi

    kadimi Well-Known Member

    What about Clickfree Backup.
    Clickfree Backup for backing up phone data to SD card or cloud storage

    You will have to have a safe backup in case things go wront. You can use Clickfree which backups everything.


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