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  1. Dominosdad

    Dominosdad Member

    My Android tablet seems to have back-up built into the OS. I gather that it's standard to the OS.
    It's ticked to backup to Google's servers.
    It has an option to restore settings for reinstalled apps. I don't see what the point of that is.
    However, yesterday when I switched it on it said it had to wipe itself.
    It then reverted to factory condition. I think it said something about reinstalling, but I was off-line at that time, so if it was going to restore itself it couldn't.
    Later I tried a factory reset to see if that would do it. ( I had nothing to lose). It didn't.
    There doesn't seem to be anyway to apply that backup - i.e. no way to restore anything at all.
    Which means that I'm having to find and install all the apps that I use, one by one.
    So is there a way to reinstall from the Google servers' back up and how do I do it?

  2. MSUgEEk

    MSUgEEk Well-Known Member

    It's really more of an account backup than it is a phone backup. It does backup certain things, but to restore apps after a reset, you still have to do so manually unless you are rooted and have a backup app such as Titanium Backup. Then you still have to re-install that app, but it batch restores everything you've backed up.

    One thing that might make the process quicker, though, would be to go into the Play Store and go to "My Apps". Once there you can see your installed apps on one screen, swipe to the screen on the right and you should see all apps ever installed. From there you can install any app you've ever installed.
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  3. Dominosdad

    Dominosdad Member

    I've posted a similar, new post.
  4. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    I've had it just work. Set up your gmail account, wait, presto, your apps and some settings download.

    On other times, nothing.

    Pretty sure it's a known bug, and it's on their side.

    Maybe check out MyBackup Pro or Carbon to help with this for next time.

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