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Backup apps and usb internal storageSupport

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  1. Ozhak

    Ozhak Active Member

    I have 2 questions to ask.

    1. How to move apps to internal usb storage.
    There are 2 kinds of storage in SGS2, 1st is 1.97 GB system storage and 2nd is 11.50 GB USB storage. Whenever I download an app, it will go to system storage. Is it possible to move all this apps to 11.50 GB USB storage? I would like to fully use this storage as the system storage is limited.
    2. How to backup apps before updating firmware.
    I updated my firmware before, and before I did it, I backup all my data but the apps did not get backuped. is there anyway to backup all my downloaded apps?

  2. heshanj

    heshanj Well-Known Member

    1. only some apps support move to SD card so that depends on the app. go to settings/applications, and select the app u wanna move.. and select Move to SD card, if it supports it, it'll be available :)

    2. if ur rooted, u can use titanium backup to do a complete backup of ur apps+data. if not, i think android backup service does a good job of backing up ur apps, n settings.. to make sure its on, go to settings/privacy and make sure its checked. then, if u get a new phone or a wiped phone, just log into ur google account and go to the market app, and all the apps should load :)
  3. Ozhak

    Ozhak Active Member

    Thanks for the reply heshanj.

    But what I meant is moving apps to internal USB storage, not external SD card. When I tried to do what you told me above, I got this message "Your phone does not have SD card". This basically means that the SD card that the message indicated refers to external SD card, not USB internal storage.

    Regarding titanium backup, does it only backup my apps to external SD card? Furthermore, if my phone is rooted, how to backup other files like contacts, sms, etc, since KIES is not usable anymore for the rooted phone.
  4. heshanj

    heshanj Well-Known Member

    oh sorry about that. im not sure if its possible to transfer apps to ur internal sd. i thought it'd be the same process but ive never tried. 2gigs app storage is a lot, when u really look at it.. i have (according to my backup log) over 140 apps n i have 1 gig free

    titanium backs up EVERYTHING. u can completely dump kies if u use it. it creates wat feels like a system image :D although its just apps+data. it even saves game levels, homescreens, the works.
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  5. Ozhak

    Ozhak Active Member


    Is it possible to back up the data and apps using titanium back up to computer instead of SD card? If it cant, is there anyway to do that?

    If your phone is rooted, you can still use KIES right?
  6. heshanj

    heshanj Well-Known Member

    yeah u can still use kies, but if u actually use Odin for updates, and titanium for backing up, i doubt u'd wanna use kies. lol. its full of problems.

    well titanium backs up all ur apps+data onto a folder in ur internal memory called titanium backup. just drag that onto ur computer each time the backup schedule runs
  7. Antakar

    Antakar Well-Known Member

    Ok, but if my SD is already full, where is it going to backup my data?

    Or do i have to have simply another SD card just to be able to do the backup and then put it on my PC.

    Why Titanium doesn't have backup-to-PC option?! Its really silly.

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