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  1. Ibreakphones

    Ibreakphones Member

    I am switching from my GS 2 to the Note 2, in preparation I plugged my GS 2 into my windows 7 laptop to back up my SD card, as I have done before with this and other phones. I had a back up this SD card already and was writing over it. Once done I had lost the last 3 months, some 600+ pictures, and am left with pictures before that time although some are corrupt and wont open. I also had a bunch of files that were just nonsense characters

  2. Atma

    Atma Well-Known Member

    Hi Steve :hello: Welcome to the forums.

    I'm really not sure what could have gone wrong. I have never done it and have never had a problem, but I have seen other people say to remove your sd card when updating. Like I say, I've never had an issue and haven't seen anyone else have this due to an update. But, who knows?

    You might try Recuva to see if you can get your files back. Its supposed to work great.
  3. Ibreakphones

    Ibreakphones Member

    Hi Atmazzz, thanks for the welcome J


    4 hours running recovery on the SD card, recovered corrupted picture files of no use L another 4 hours trying to recreate what happened, taking pictures, copying and pasting to pc
  4. Atma

    Atma Well-Known Member

    Its possible it could be the sd card itself.
  5. Ibreakphones

    Ibreakphones Member

    thats what i was thinking too, thats why i got a new one for my Note 2... that and the Note 2 can have 64 GB :)

    Off topic question as I am switching devices.... is there a way to install all the apps I had on my GS2 onto my Note 2 without going into my apps in the play store and clicking each one to install?? that will take forever :(
  6. Atma

    Atma Well-Known Member

    You can use an app like App Backup & Restore. It will just backup and restore the app though and not the data like saved games. If you are rooted, you could use Titanium Backup. It will backup app and data.

    Doesn't the Note 2 have Jellybean? Some of the apps on your GS2 may not work on your Note 2.

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