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  1. Thowe2

    Thowe2 New Member

    I'm soon to upgrade my phone from my loyal but slow Tattoo. How can I back up all my contacts to my Google account using android 1.6?

    A lot of the posts on this forum say to go to People > Menu > Export but android 1.6 does not have the export button. It only has 'New contact', 'Search people', 'Delete contacts', 'View', 'Import' and 'Sync Exchange contacts'.

    Thanks for any help!

  2. Thowe2

    Thowe2 New Member

    I've worked out a method to do it in case anyone finds this page...

    I downloaded and opened 'Ciacs Contact Sender', changed the settings to save type 'CSV (Outlook)' and save to a file. I then used ASTRO file viewer to navigate to the file in order to email it to myself. I then saved it to my computer from my email then went to I then imported the contacts from the file I had emailed myself into Google contacts. Finally I went into my phone's settings > Data Synchronisation > Google > Menu Button > Sync Now to get them synced onto my phone (then in the 'People' app I set it to only show Google contacts from 'Menu Button' > View > Unticked Phone and Sim.
  3. slovakgal

    slovakgal Member

    Hiya! Hope you have email notifications so you'll be able to see this - the app you talked about isn't available for lower than 2.1 android phones, and it doesn't seem to be syncing with Google contacts either :'( I'm really lost, got a new htc phone and can't even get all the contacts to it.... :(

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