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  1. backdoc7

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    Is there a way to backup contacts once a screen is broken (completely)? I guess I'm asking if there is an app that can backup the phone from the computer.. like astro backup or something. I did not realize (not sure how I couldn't have realized but I didn't) that the "phone" contacts were not being backup up to my google account. Thanks for any help.

  2. backdoc7

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  3. youdoofus

    youdoofus Disabled

    can you connect via terminal? if so, you should be able to transfer the system files/folders. a bit of command line stuff, but do-able.
  4. Adam_Bomb

    Adam_Bomb Member

    Ok, I'm having the same dilema...

    My brother got really pissed off and did a Greg Maddox impression with his Evo the other day, shattering the screen. He got his replacement phone, but couldn't retrieve any of his contacts off of his old phone (I guess the people at the Sprint store couldn't do it, I wasn't with him when he went). Since several of the contacts are important, I wanted to see if I could help him get them back.

    None of the contacts are linked with his Gmail account. I know in order to get them though I can save the information on his vCard and it will store it as a file on his sd card (I did this when I was rooting my phone and backing up everything to do a factory reset). Is there a way I can go into the phone through adb or command line stuff and retrieve the vCard, or at least put it on his sd card so I can extract it? Also, his phone isn't rooted, so will this complicate things with adb? I finally have a good excuse to read the Basics of ADB thread I bookmarked....

    So is any of this possible, or is my brother screwed? Any other ideas?

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