Backup Memo application in Android 2.1.General

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  1. PraxisLee

    PraxisLee New Member

    I am new to Android 2.1 (switched from Blackberry). In Blackberry , I can backup the Memo application. If I reset the phone back to the original manufacture setting. I can always restore my Memo back into it. In Android 2.1, how can I backup my Memo? Does Android store Memo application in a folder which will allow me to just make a copy and paste to my PC for backup purpose? or, I have to install an Android app in order to backup the Memo application?

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  2. larrycl

    larrycl Well-Known Member

    +1 to this question. Additionally, I would like to know how to sync the memo app to an app either on my pc or in the cloud.

    (Should I just ditch memos and try evernote?)

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