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  1. TEEH

    TEEH Member

    Hi to all Android SII user, I own an international version of the SII and as I do with my BB I would like to make a full backup of my phone, I downloaded a Backup from the Android Market something called Titanium or Platinum ?
    , the free version, installed it in my rooted SII, started it and tried to make a Backup, it started on Sunday 1 and still today Monday 2 there were still more than 150 files or apps to be copied or backed up, so more than one day to make a Backup ? no way, looking at the phone I found an option in privacy where it says something like making a backup copy to Google servers and Automatic restore from the servers also, my question is where are this files stored, which Google server, how do I know all the files where backed up, really a mystery for me.

    So I would like to ask for help and what should I do to make a full backup of my SII and store it in my Notebook as I do with my BB 9900 with the desktop software. Is there something similar for the Android based Galaxy SII ?

    My phone is rooted as the first Titanium app required.

    Best regards and will wait for your help,


  2. david_inuk

    david_inuk Well-Known Member

    Why dont you make a full ROM backup using recovery?

    I wish I would have had that the other day when my phone had to be replaced!

    It took me all afternoon to put all my apps and settings back, and that was after relying on a Samsung backup!!!
  3. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

  4. Message originally posted
  5. Millsjj

    Millsjj New Member

    Thanks Ironass. I've read through the blog but have a quick question. I want to back up my android to an external device so if anything happens the phone then I have a back up. The AndroidNZ post seems to be an internal back up. Is there a way of exporting the back up so that it is saved externally?
  6. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    I do this all the time, for the very reason you mention.

    The backups are saved in the /clockworkmod/backup file on your phone and I just copy the particular backup to my PC.

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