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  1. heidelfuchs

    heidelfuchs Member

    Hey everybody.

    Most users of the Micromax A60 will have noticed, that the quality of audio over any connected headphone/amp is unspeakably poor. I could not find out any reason for that especially since the sound comming from the build-in speaker is pretty decent. I suggest that all concerned users should write to micromax support on this issue because it really is a no go and i really hope there is a software solution for that though I don't think so.

    Has anybody here some ideas what is wrong and what could help?

  2. jimalaia

    jimalaia New Member

    Could you please elaborate on "the quality of audio over any connected headphone/amp is unspeakably poor" ? What exactly is the problem ? Also, does it happen during the whole call or from time to time ?
  3. heidelfuchs

    heidelfuchs Member

    well, sorry for not beeing concrete enough. The call quality is okay. It's only the media player while playing music or video which is very bad if you listen to it via a connected headphone. It sounds like its somehow re sampled to 22khz or even worse. No heights no lows and crackling all the time. This is not the case if you listen to music or video via the build in speaker which generates quite okay quality sound.
  4. ranjeet

    ranjeet Member

    use power amp application to play music.....i
  5. heidelfuchs

    heidelfuchs Member

    thanks a lot ranjeet. Indeed with poweramp music comes crystal clear! Do you also have a tip for a video player?
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  6. Rashmin

    Rashmin New Member

    Hi, I have brought this Micromax A60 about a week & a half Back.
    The problem I am experiencing is The sound quality & volume lowers after I get a call & the player crashes after few minutes of playback & the same thing happens I have tied the poweramp player but the same thing happens. Please Help!!!!!
  7. akhilesh3741

    akhilesh3741 New Member

    change ur handset speeker...
  8. ninadchaudhari

    ninadchaudhari What's up !

    Glad you answered :)
    But did you notice the date the Original Poster posted the Question :)

    Its MORE than 1 big Year old :D

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