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  1. stokietom

    stokietom Member

    I unlocked my phone, rooted it and installed Fish n Chips ROM.

    My phone seems to have very poor battery life. I fully charged it to 100%, unplugged it, played a game for a very short while and I lost 10% battery withint 10-15 mins.

    The battery just seems like a time bomb that doesn't last very long at all.

    I've only had the phone 2 days now... Is it normal for the battery life on this phone to be so poor?


  2. ZeroOne

    ZeroOne Guest

    depends on whats running on the phone, how hot the phone is getting, battery
    size and the rom and kernel. give it a couple of charges, i like to drain the battery all the way recharge wipe battery stats and drain it all the way again
    recharge all the way and reboot. give it a week is my advice;)
  3. Reider

    Reider Well-Known Member

    I have the Fish N Chips R2 installed on my SFII and lose about 6% overnight only. In normal use I get 5 days from a fully charged battery if using the phone only. If using all features I get 1-2 days inc the 6% drain overnight, which should be addressed in R3. I use SetCPU to lower the CPU, and thus power usage. I also use Power Manager to turn off wi fi etc when not needed, again reducing power usage.

    I also occasionally charge to 100%, empty the battery stats and do not recharge until the phone drops to 4% in an effort to condition the battery and get proper stats. An Android phone engineer said this isn`t necessary but as an engineer myself I disagree, batteries do retain some memory of usage and need conditioning. This is why you never get full power and usage from a new battery. It settles down after the first few charges and works better if they are full charges from low remaining power to full charge.

    I feel this phone does extremely well on power usage. Considering the amount of programs it can and does run, the facilities available in the phone. Its working like a mini computer and should use a lot more power than it does. You may have a hardware fault as I`ve not seen others mentioning the extreme power usage you seem to have. As I mentioned in the other forum, if you have any doubt then it may be best to return the phone for a new one, it may be part of a bad batch. If you already had a few charges and its still faulty, try running minimum programs and temporarily uninstall others. If its still bad I say send it back.....
  4. baberuth609

    baberuth609 Member

    can you make video calls with this phone i can when i use tango but not skype
  5. Reider

    Reider Well-Known Member

    Skype is the problem, not the phone. Waiting while they see sense and fix the darned thing......

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