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Bad battery???Support

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  1. Bman123

    Bman123 Well-Known Member

    So I ended up getting a mytouch 4g from a friend that i work with. He told me the battery is bad and that's the only thing wrong with it. I told him let me play with the phone for a couple days and if it is only the battery I will buy it.

    So here is what I observed tonight. Got the phone and it is in a overall 8/10 condition wise. Normal wear and tear on it but never been dropped screen is mint. I got the phone it said it was 9% charged, put my sim card in it and started downloading apps. The 4g worked great I downloaded 3 apps then it just shut off.

    I took the back plate off and took the battery out. I sat the battery on a flat table and the middle of the battery has a fat swell in it. If you flick a corner of it the battery will actually spin around in circles numerous times.

    I plugged the phone into the charger and in 15 minutes it said the battery was charged 50 % which is obviously wrong. I unplugged it and within 2 minutes it shut off again. I plugged it in and the phone ran fine for 2 hours while plugged into a charger.

    Is it safe to say that this phone just has a bad battery? I need to know your opinion guys as this is the make it or break it for me getting this phone. I found a battery and screen protectors on amazon a anker brand battery and pre cut to fit screen protectors for $25 with overnight shipping total.

    I have no problem paying the price for the stuff if it will more then likely solve the issues it has. I was currently using a sidekick 4g and that phone was such a piece I sold it locally today on craigslist for $90 just to get rid of it. That phone did whatever it wanted, randomly froze, lagged super tough when browsing online and that was even with the voodoo lag fix.

    I am very use to owning HTC phones had a incredible and a thunderbolt and I like sense plus I know this phone has a ton of dev support and is leaps and bounds better then the sidekick I was currently using.

    So what do you guys think, is it worth it to order the battery and screen protectors for $25? Do you think it will solve my issues I am having with the phone?

    The only reason why my buddy sold it to me was he just got a iphone 4s and he switched carriers so he really has no need to use this phone. Oh forgot to mention if I keep the phone i will have to pay him a whopping $30 for it lol. That is why I want to keep it so bad I just have never dealt with a phone and a bad battery before so I really dont know what I am dealing with, it seems to me the battery is bad since it runs fine non stop when plugged in.

  2. Bman123

    Bman123 Well-Known Member

    Well no one has responded so I am just going to order a battery on amazon and see what happens. Worse case scenario the phone is jacked, i give it back to my buddy and have to sell the battery on craigslist for what I paid for it
  3. psxindo

    psxindo Active Member

    I have the same issue with my battery as well. It's swell up as well.

    The phone would work fine if it's plugged in.

    First I had the problem is when I had the battery at 100% and suddenly after using it for only 15-30 min the phone rebooted and when it's back on it's only at between 3-5% and it says to plug it in to a power source. Even restarting and taking of the battery it would show the same thing. But when I plug it in and restart, then it would show about 80+%.

    I change the battery to amazon third party and never had the same problem.
  4. shiggity

    shiggity Active Member

    What's a good battery to buy from amazon?

    My gf's phone is doing the same thing, shutting down, rebooting, showing < 5% charge even though it's still full.

    I saw a few on amazon for roughly $20 after shipping but not sure if one is better/more reliable than the others.

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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