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  1. fdendauw

    fdendauw New Member

    Did anyone have bad experiences with Mobile Fun (UK)? I ordered an external battery from Powerskin at Mobile Fun. The payment and delivery went well, no complaints about that. But I receive the incorrect product, they have send the Powerskin for a Samsung Galaxy S instead of a Google Nexus S.

    It seems that customers outside UK need to pay themselves to send items back. I don't agree in this case since they made the mistake, the order specified that I was buying a Powerskin for Google Nexus S and they send another product (picture of the box is different then picture of the product I ordered on their site.

    I send a complaint and they asked me to send back a picture of the delivered goods. Since that moment, I don't receive any feedback anymore. It seems they don't want to take the costs for their own mistakes.

  2. Jazz Singh

    Jazz Singh Active Member

    Hi Fendauw

    I work for MobileFun, really sorry about the lack of feedback. If you PM me contact number and order ID - I will make sure someone contacts you ASAP.
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  3. fdendauw

    fdendauw New Member

    MobileFun has contacted my to resolve the issue. They have now send the correct item which I received today, they made an agreement so I didn't have to pay addionals costs to send the wrong item back from Belgium to MobileFun in the United Kingdom. They agreed they made a mistake by sending the wrong item (correct tag on box but wrong item in box).

    I guess this doesn't happen a lot and it's diffucult to find out if a claim is valid or not. The website is very good and the delivery is extremely fast. The after sales service could be better but at the end it was all well. I'm confident to buy additional items from MobileFun.


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