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Bad headphone jackTips

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  1. timmywa

    timmywa Well-Known Member

    I'm now on my 3rd Dinc2 due to poor headphone jacks. My original phone was sweet! No problems except when I moved or breathed near the headphone jack, it would disconnect. My first replacement, of course refurb, had that problem, plus it would get really warm all the time. VZW replaced it again and I requested a non-refurb but they said that's all they do for warranty replacements. Now this phone is basically like my original. Perfect except the very sensitive jack. I've used several headphones and audio cables to be sure it wasn't the cable.

    All that said, what advice would you give when I go into the corporate store today and demand either a new Dinc2 or a better replacement? What's the likelihood that I get something better? What's better? Should I even dream of them giving me a Rezound or Galaxy Nexus?? Is 3 strikes enough to demand an upgrade to a better model? I don't know that I want another Dinc2.

    I'm not hugely talented at demanding stuff. I've been a loyal customer for like 15 years! I really like VZW and they've normally taken care of me. I've not rooted this phone yet. I'm a pretty mellow guy and don't have a lot of emotional energy to use for things like this. So I ask your advice. What are some good phrases to use? What's realistic to demand and expect to get?


  2. timmywa

    timmywa Well-Known Member

    After going to the store, calling 611, calling HTC and calling 611 again, i was able to get a Droid X2 in exchange... I'll miss sense but it's a dual core phone with a bigger display. We'll see...
  3. nickc9.3

    nickc9.3 Well-Known Member

    i completely agree with the crappy headphone jack. I will have mine plugged into the car stereo and if i touch my dinc2, I lose the connection.

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