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Bad Image ResolutionGeneral

What is the standard file size for images clicked from your SE Live with Walkman phones?

  1. 500 - 700 KB

  2. 700 - 900 KB

  3. 900 KB - 1.1MB

  4. Greater than 1.1 MB

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  1. tebu516

    tebu516 New Member

    I have found the image resolutions of photos clicked by the Live with Walkman camera to be pretty bad. The images are not very sharp when you zoom into them. The images on my much cheaper HTC Wildfire used to be way better. The usual file sizes i get for photos clicked on the Live are 500 - 700 KB. Compared to this the Wildfire used to click photos with sizes of 1 - 1.2 MB. And the difference shows in the quality of the pictures. Is there anybody facing similar issues? What are the file sizes you get for images clicked from your Live with Walkman phones?


    HSRBNR Active Member

    I experienced the same!
  3. Newarvuti

    Newarvuti Active Member

    Digital zoom is bad on ALL devices.
    And my photos vary from 500kB to over 1 MB.
  4. tincho

    tincho Member

    Maybe teub516 means gallery zoom, not the camera's digital zoom.

    @tebu516: If it's gallery zoom what you are talking about, yes, images look bad. They look better on a computer when you view the image at 100%. Live With Walkman's gallery (which is actually the standard Gingerbread Gallery) shows only downgraded versions of the images. Even worse, you get no indication of the zoom level. Perhaps it lets you zoom beyond 100% thus making images look bad.

    Camera in Live With Walkman is no big deal, but I just want to make sure your problems are not related to excessive zoom.

    As for the camera's digital zoom, avoid it if possible. As Newarvuti said, it's bad on any phone.
  5. kathrinx

    kathrinx New Member

    got the same prob before.

    HSRBNR Active Member

  7. tebu516

    tebu516 New Member

    ya i was talking about zooming into photos in the gallery. it just shows the how bad the camera res is. and it happens even when u zoom in a little a bit. but it looks like the camera is actually that bad on the Live, and its not just a problem with my device. its sad!

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