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  1. snsethy

    snsethy Member

    Does anyone know what could cause the screen to go dim on one side and have bright bars on the other? There's been no water damage, but the light sensor has been going crazy and the buttons and screen have been strobe-ish at night. I'm getting a replacement but just want to make sure that they won't say it's been damaged (never dropped, and the indicators aren't activated.)


  2. hilmar2k

    hilmar2k Well-Known Member

    If it has no sign of impact damage, and the water damage indicators haven't been tripped, they'd be hard pressed to claim it was dropped.
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  3. snsethy

    snsethy Member

    Yeah, it's never been dropped, especially not since I was using it in bed last night and it stayed there all night. However, it looks like the white line on the right might be the backlight? I'm not sure if that's where it's supposed to be or not. I also don't know what that would have to do with the light sensor not working and the buttons flashing non-stop while the phone is on. Or why this would have happened a few times before and only when it's in a pitch black room.

    I dunno, the only only damage to the case are a few scratches in the oxidation (tiny specks) from keys and the water indicator is perfect.

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