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  1. justcallmeGreg

    justcallmeGreg Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone,

    Relatively long time subscriber, first time poster on this forum. I recently transitioned from the Evo 4G.

    I just purchased an S2 Epic 4G Touch from Best Buy. After I left the store, I noticed a Sprint store nearby and was curious if they had my phone for less -- they didn't -- but I digress. I told the associate I was interested in the S2 and he was really pushing the S3, which I expected being the latest and greatest sales pitch stuff.

    But what threw me is when he told me that, supposedly, Samsung released a recent update that causes major issues such as frequently dropped calls, wi-fi disconnects, constant lag, etc.

    With that said, I immediately noticed there was an available update and now I'm reluctant to accept it until I can get some definitive answers on this possible issue.

    Has anyone else heard or experienced any of those things? I did a Google search and found nothing about it, but maybe I was using the wrong keywords or something.


  2. KitsapAndroid

    KitsapAndroid Well-Known Member

    The upgrade from 2.3 GB to 4.0.4 ICS is pretty well documented as being fairly borked. It has messed with a lot of peoples phones. If you are still on 2.3 GB, honestly, at this point, I would just leave it there. If however you are already on ICS, and there is an update, then that update is to patch ICS and you should run it. While it won't guarantee anything, it sure won't hurt.
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  3. justcallmeGreg

    justcallmeGreg Well-Known Member

    Okay cool. This already has ICS on it so I'll accept the update.
    Much appreciated. :)

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