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  1. prosco

    prosco New Member

    First of all, i want to say that my English is really bad.:eek:

    Well, the problem is that i tried to update my kernel from android froyo 2.2 to android gingerbread 2.3, using the Kernel Manager app, but now it doesn't pass from the android boot window, and I need to know how to fix it, can anyone help me please?

    My phone is a Huawei m835.

    Thank you.

  2. AesopRock

    AesopRock Active Member

    Assuming you have a backup, you should be able to press green (send) button + volup + power all together at boot and get to the recovery screen, hope that helps bro
  3. starxpilot

    starxpilot Well-Known Member

    You can find stock kernels around here, using a kernel from another phone is a very dangerous way of permanently bricking your phone.
  4. AesopRock

    AesopRock Active Member

    I assume ports from say ascend to m835 (such as PG's CM7) is safer then just flashing an ascend rom,
    also mate5 doesnt mention being for any phone other then m835 ?
    i dont see where he says that he used a rom made only for another phone. Not tryin to be a dick and be all over your shit im just trying to learn and i see you making knowledgeable posts so hope you got an answer for me
  5. starxpilot

    starxpilot Well-Known Member

    Disappeared for a while, didn't see this.

    He didn't say he did, ROM is different than a Kernel.

    Using Kernels meant for other phones will break yours, as they are quite different and built on hardware-based if I'm correct. As for ROMs, they have to be modified so it will work on your phone, in this case, a ROM for an Ascend won't work on M835, because of the screen and other complications that the M835 doesn't support. Some ROMs in order to work, need a kernel to be installed, since the phone's relatively new, the chances of there being some is slim. As for 2.3, don't think the phone can support it.
  6. asheehanjr

    asheehanjr Well-Known Member

    Were is there a stock kernel or stock rom for the M835? Been looking but can't find one that is completely stock. Is there a method like the LGNPST method out there to restore back to stock? I tried the fastboot method but its only for the Accend. I'm giving this phone to my friends daughters birthday, and want it to be factory and unrooted. Any help or pointed in the right direction would be appriciated. Thanks;)

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