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  1. pixelpadre

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    After 2 months, my earpiece on my Warp spontaneously quit working. I lived without it for a month and finally decided to do something about it. External speaker and BT worked fine.

    So, I send it off (at my expense!) on the 8th of January and get it back today the 25 of January. That sux. 17 days door to door. Insult to injury, it came back in the exact same condition. Only difference is I burned thru 60 dollars in prepaid minutes on a replacement phone while my phone was in transit/repair.

    So I called tonight to demand a new phone at this point. And they said, send it back and we will repair it. Of course I was screaming on the phone, because I wasnt about to spend another $60 on prepaid minutes, and wait another 17 days.

    So at this point, I intend to complain to Boost and Radio Shack. I will also, vent on every droid forum I can find, and many other sites like epinions, ripoffreport etc. I will call them again tomorrow and give them one last chance to ship me a new phone. If they don't, I will buy another droid, not ZTE! And chalk up the experience to crappy cell phone company. ZTE will suffer the consequences of my dissatisfaction on every website I can think of.

    This failing earpiece has not been unique to myself. It is an issue that many are facing. They probably don't want to face a recall or set a precedent by replacing my phone. Whatever.......I will make sure that countless consumers will never purchase ZTE again.:mad:

  2. pixelpadre

    pixelpadre Member

    Well mine mysteriously started working again. ZTE sent me a replacement but I sent it back because mine started working again. I believe the problem is related to the earphone jack. Around the time it quit working I had used my Square credit card reader in the jack. Then 4 months later when I had to make another credit card transaction, the ear piece started working again. I think there is something inside the phone that gets stuck when the jack is shoved into the receptacle.

    I discussed this possibility with ZTE but the indicated that it was not possible for something to get stuck internally, like a microswitch etc.

    In any case, ZTE and myself have arrived at a mutual acceptable agreement on the warranty.
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