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  1. gopx101

    gopx101 New Member

    So I have two HTC Evo's (one for my daughter) and both of them have very poor wifi performance and no FM, even with headphones plugged in.

    I called Sprint today and was finally passed to a "SR" level engineer and after some troubleshooting, he told me that it could be my wifi routers (at work and home) and that there is nothing they can do. As for the FM reception problem, he said he has not heard of any issues like that and I should take them to a repair center.

    I have three more days before my 30 days is up and I don't think I can wait any longer before returning them. I really wish there was a fix for the issues since aside from the problems, this is by far the best phone I have ever seen/owned.

    Any suggestions on how to fix the FM reception or wifi signal would be greatly appreciated.


  2. htcevolee

    htcevolee Well-Known Member

    Did you do the software update yet? Have you tried a different headset? I hate saying this one but have you tried a HARD RESET on 1 of the phone to see if that resolves the issue? HARD RESET will erase all info on your phone, so do it on your daughters =P
  3. htcevolee

    htcevolee Well-Known Member

    Hmm i just tried my FM and it didnt get nothing =( Maybe no reception where i am in the!
  4. gopx101

    gopx101 New Member

    I have done the software update and have tried several headphones...I'll try the hard reset on my daughters phone tonight to see if it corrects any issues.
  5. Take it to a sprint store. Tell them the problems you are having. They will order you a replacement. They know you are close to your 30 days, and they also know they dont have any phones right now. So they will order you one, dont worry.
  6. owl

    owl Member

    The problem with the FM radio is a problem on probably all phones (at least on every rev. 0003, probably all the 0002s also). It's strange that HTC hasn't really acknowledged this. It's a faulty jack and the connector pin for antenna is not always touching a contact on your 3.5mm plug. If you can't get any reception, try this: Turn on the FM radio without headphones. It'll ask you to plug headphones in to use as an antenna. Plug the headphones all the way in, until it snaps, and it'll tune... you'll then hear nothing but static OR lousy reception that changes a lot when you move the headphone cables around, right?

    Now, gently pull/twist the headphone plug out a tiny bit - past that snap but not out so far that it turns the FM tuner off... TA-DA! Perfect reception. It might be hard to do at first (you might pull it out too far and disconnect), and definitely too hard to keep in place to get any extended use out of it, but it'll at least prove that it's not reception or individual phones - it's a flaw in the cheap jack.

    There is a pretty easy fix... you can take your back battery cover off, remove the little piece of tape covering the jack and bend the pin just a little into place...... But I'm not doing that yet - I want HTC to do something about it. Unfortunately most people don't recognize this problem or just attribute it to lousy reception, etc.!
  7. gopx101

    gopx101 New Member

    So through trial and error, I found out that you must use a headset with a built in mic and not headphones. Although I think this design is awful, my FM reception is perfect on my two phones and the replacement that I received for one of them...

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