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  1. astmd1655

    astmd1655 Well-Known Member

    Last bill cycle I changed all of my active metro accounts to the lowest offered plan. The plan in question is for my Galaxy Indulge, 1 of 2 4G/LTE phones offered currently by metro.

    This was taken from their website earlier:


    Uploaded with

    My Indulge was on the $40 4g plan but since it was a family plan that made it $35 per month. I received a text message today stating that I owed $12 or my account would be disconnected. I contacted metro. The representative informed me the change was made by "corporate" effective 9/1 and that my phone's lowest available plan is the $50 per month plan. Upon checking their website and looking at each individual phone it shows the Indulge having a $50 or $60 per month plan and the Craft a $50 only plan.

    So, why is Metro offering a 4g plan that NO ONE can access?

    ***UPDATE*** BBB complaint filed.

  2. dsrtegl

    dsrtegl Active Member

    I believe they're gonna say that since it's a "smart phone" it's 10 bucks extra.

    When I went from the Messager II to the Ascend, it was 10 bucks extra for the smart phone.
  3. Eddy120876

    Eddy120876 Well-Known Member

    Gotta love Metro acting shaddy jeez.
  4. lingming

    lingming Well-Known Member

    i also ask the same thing i have this phone as well and can never get the phone to last even when its on stand by it dies AND the fact you dont get 4g where i am so you have to pay for 4g and only get 1x=3g
    ALSO if you read the small text it says
    Certain phones require specific rate plans. Click "View Phone Details" on
    phones you are considering to view applicable rate plans.
    Galaxy Indulge is currently only available on $50 and $60 4G LTE rate plans.
  5. astmd1655

    astmd1655 Well-Known Member

    You're right. If you look at each phone individually it says which rate plan is applicable. Always have to read the fine print and I did not in this case.

    Isn't if funny that MetroPCS offers a $40 4G/LTE plan but there is not a phone available to access it?
  6. meshflesh

    meshflesh Active Member

    i believe only the samsung craft is able to be used on the $40 lte plan.
  7. lingming

    lingming Well-Known Member

    they do it cause all the things you get with the 50-60 plan their an app for soon metro is going to cost as much as all the other COs their slowing going up soon their going to have an 2 yr deal and phone wont cost as much their new phone 599 + tax and stuff = 650?
  8. Yawa

    Yawa Well-Known Member


    The plot thickens.

    Still a better deal than any contract plan.
  9. astmd1655

    astmd1655 Well-Known Member

    Nope. According to the website the Craft can only use the standard $50 per month plan. Isn't that funny? I thought the Craft was a 4G phone?

    Look at phones then click on the Craft. The "available" plans are listed on the right. They differentiate the plans by color code. Gold for 4G and blue for standard. Also, where did the smartphone plan go? That plan is required by the LG Optimus M.
  10. astmd1655

    astmd1655 Well-Known Member

    All in all... yea. Still a good deal. Even if its $10 more a month than what I thought I could pay. :p
  11. confed

    confed Well-Known Member

    More 4g phones are due out. The Esteem will be on the same plans as the Indulge but you never know for the future phones. the $0 plan only allows 100MB of data anyway, that blows. nobody wants that, if i wanted that i would go to shitty ass TMOBILE.

    actually, metro just included the rhapsody app into the $60 plan. it costs $10 if you were on a lower plan but not 1 extra penny if you are on the $60 plan. I now get unlimited everything + unlimited rhapsody for $55/month. no other provider even comes close.
  12. astmd1655

    astmd1655 Well-Known Member

    Look closer... its 100mb of their "Multimedia Streaming Content". You still get unlimited metroweb which includes normal data for email, FB, Twitter, etc. That's why I dropped to the $40 plan (for a month anyway). The whole month I checked the data counter. It did not move an inch. And I did not use their content one bit either. If I want to watch TV shows Ill do it on my TV!
  13. lingming

    lingming Well-Known Member

    where do you see the counter for their data and like said before the reason for the indulge and other is cause with data you can do most the 50-60 things on the 40 and a droid phone
  14. confed

    confed Well-Known Member

    nice, didnt see that. kinda funny. do it through a browser and it doesnt count towards the cap essentially, right?
  15. lingming

    lingming Well-Known Member

    well data is their app their TV or music
  16. astmd1655

    astmd1655 Well-Known Member

    You got it. Browser, app, anything but their MetroStudio app.
  17. astmd1655

    astmd1655 Well-Known Member

    Log into you account from>support>my account.

    All you are paying for with the higher LTE plans is the extra service like Rhapsody and Metrostudio. I don't want either, just plain 4G that they advertise for $40 per month.

    BTW my I received an email that my BBB complaint was submitted to Metro. I'll report back as I get their response.
  18. astmd1655

    astmd1655 Well-Known Member

    Nope. Look under pricing plans and where the 100mb cap is. It is associated with streaming content only (aka MetroStudio). Further up it notes that all plans regardless of price have unlimited metroweb (aka data).
  19. astmd1655

    astmd1655 Well-Known Member

    And now I know why there is a multi button for quotes! Just found it and will use it. My apologies, first active forum for me.
  20. lingming

    lingming Well-Known Member

    thats cool but indulge on has 50-60
  21. astmd1655

    astmd1655 Well-Known Member

    Well things did not turn out exactly as i would have liked but i guess the world must be full of compromise.

    I received a call this morning from MetroPCS. After speaking my concerns the representative investigated. Upon a return call this is the final outcome:

    1. $12 refund paid to the account. This includes $10 for the next plan higher plus a $2 prorate from the date my plan was changed by corporate.

    2. My phone remains on the $50 per month plan ($45 per month family plan in my case).

    3. At this time the only phone that can utilize the $40 per month 4G/LTE plan is the Samsung Craft. The representative noted if I were to purchase the Craft (which I won't) and if I were to choose the $40 per month plan that the phones capabilities would be limited. Of course the month that I was on the $40 per month plan I noticed "0" change in the services I used on an everyday basis.

    The representative was very professional and understanding. I suggested she relay this information to the webmaster for further review. I would rather have stayed on the $40 4G/LTE plan but a credit for the first month of change will have to suffice.
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  22. tiede

    tiede Well-Known Member

    Hmm... well, at least they cared enough to answer you and attempt to compromise. I'm afraid that's more than I can say about other phone companies.
    I still remember why I left att for metro: it was back when att and Cingular merged. I was on Cingular, went to another state for two days, and was charged for roaming on the att network. Sad part is, my phone's carrier area displayed ATT! So I was in essence being charged for roaming on my own network.
    Needless to say, all my arguing fell on deaf ears; I broke my contract, came to metro, and the rest, as they say, is history.
  23. lingming

    lingming Well-Known Member

    hey be happy my phone just turned in to a small bomb had to get it replaced bad thing is i didnt have accessories warranty only phone and find out the SDcard screen protector and battery is accessories so they get me new phone but all this cost me 700
  24. tiede

    tiede Well-Known Member

    What do you mean, small bomb?
    Elaborate! I'm curious!
    Shouldn't the manufacturer take the fall for that kind of failure?
    reminds me of the parked Ford trucks burning in flames a few years back. Ford, of course, took the fall...
  25. confed

    confed Well-Known Member


    I just replaced my phone. $130 for the indulge, 16gb class 10 sdcard = $19.99, screen protector + case + car charger = $25. Replacement phone had a battery in it plus a spare battery. Pretty damn good for $175!

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