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  1. jclarsen28

    jclarsen28 New Member

    I jsut got the Red ballistic case for my EVO! (best phone out) and i had no problems with the phone up untill now. Everything works fine except when i make or recive a call the sensor activates to disable the screen from your cheek hitting the screen, like it is suppose to do. The problem is that it will not come back on...not when i push the power button vol button or any of the bottom row buttons. its just a black screen. The only way to fix it is i have to take it out of the case and then it lights up right away. i checked the sensor and it is clean and free of debris.
    Can anyone help me with this or is there an app that can disable the sensor for phone calls. I looked but couldnt find anything.

    Thanks to All

  2. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

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  3. scottborasjr

    scottborasjr Well-Known Member

    There have been a few isolated incidents of people reporting this issue with the case. Like Marc, I myself have had no issue with any case that I have personally seen/used. I only have had one case myself but a few acquaintances haven't had any problems either. However, I have heard that if you contact Ballistic and explain the issue, they will send you a new front for the case. Whatever the problem is that these people are having, we must be talking about mm or two. in the area of the sensor. Good luck.

    Oh yeah, and there is no app or setting to disable the sensor that I or anyone I have heard had this problem, has been able to find.
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  4. chrischoi

    chrischoi Well-Known Member

    Maybe it's the user having a pale white skin tone that is confusing the light sensor. ;)
    I'm more of a bronze myself and it works fine.
  5. edlex

    edlex Well-Known Member

    No problems here either. Oh, and I'm more of an olive tone.
  6. chrischoi

    chrischoi Well-Known Member

    So it must be the pale faces.

    Sweeney Todd also had issues with the Ballistic case...



    Captain Jack did not.

  7. thomasanderson

    thomasanderson Well-Known Member

    To the people having problems with the proximity sensor, its all about how you line up the front of the case when putting it on. I had a similar problem with my White Trident case. To alleviate the issue I would make a phone call to my daughters phone(just to have the phone call active while I applied the case). If the screen was off as I placed the two halves together(meaning the light sensor was blocked) I would simply move the case around a bit until the screen came on and carefully snap the upper half of the case on and then move towards the bottom. Since I only removed the case like once a week this wasn't too much of an inconvenience. Its the little bar of plastic between the speaker grille and the light sensor(apparently placed there for aesthetic purposes, since I see no other reason for it) that causes the issue. Apparently Trident got wise to this, because the black Cyclops case I purchased a month later does not have that little plastic bar. I can post pics of the case differences, and even a video showing placement around the sensor if needed.
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  8. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    great post thomas.

    i am pretty sure the ballistic case folks did their research on if the sensor is affected by their case.. perhaps its a few cases that should not have passed R and D coming off the line.. not sure but i find it hard to believe they would market 3 different flavors of a case and not know if it messed up the sensor. again i have had all 3 (still have the black and red models) and did not do anything special to put the phone in the case and have zero issues. i was surprised this was even an issue.

    does the iphone have a sensor that shuts off the screen when in a call? have any of you seen or heard the iphone Ballistic case having the sensor issue?

    id like some of these users with this issue to post up a vid showing this issue.

    at the very least Ballistic will exchange the model so in the end everyone wins! :)
  9. glocker73

    glocker73 New Member

    Just to let others know - I am having the same issue with the sensor. I have tried to reposition the case several times to no avail. I have contacted Ballistic to try switching out the top cover.
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  10. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator


    what color case do you have?
  11. glocker73

    glocker73 New Member

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  12. freeze12

    freeze12 Member

    I just received the red & black case today & I am also having trouble with the proximity sensor. The screen stays black when the phone is away from My face. Guess I will have to call Ballistic for a replacement front or whole case. I'll see what they say tomorrow.
    I noticed that the cutout for the sensor is not in alignment with the sensor on the phone.
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  13. glocker73

    glocker73 New Member

    UPDATE - I heard from Ballistic today. They are sending me a new front & back cover that has been tested to verify it does not have the proximity sensor issue. Great job with the customer service from Ballistic.
  14. freeze12

    freeze12 Member

    I purchased My case from a Ebay seller & contacted Ballistic regarding the problem with My case. They told Me that they "Ballistic" does not have any re-sellers "Ebay. Amazon etc. and will not cover the defect. I had to purchase a front & back piece for $30.00
    I am reporting the seller from Ebay to Paypal regarding the unauthorized sale.

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  15. xxINFIDELxx

    xxINFIDELxx Well-Known Member

    I have not had any issue with mine, I tested the sensor first thing too just to see if it was a problem.
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  16. EVOid

    EVOid Active Member

    I had the same problem. I was literally pulling my phone out of the case ten times a day just to disconnect calls. Obviously I was disappointed, so I contacted ballistic. Like Otterbox they are so far standing behind their product as they sent me new hardware (grey and black) which I thought was awesome of them. So far no problem with the new case but the odd thing is that at first the old case worked fine too. I hope that opening the hard case does not wear out the product as it seems to be stressful on the plastic to open it. Or perhaps it is like was mentioned above about slight misalignments? Well, I'm hoping that my old case was just a defect and that I can just enjoy having extra cases that work now. BTW, I thing I could hammer my phone when in this case and it would be protected, this thing is beefed up! Also, while the kickstand is flimsy feeling, I think it will last because of that flimsyness and not snap (like on) good job ballistic.

    Please keep posting if you encounter this problem though. It is helpful to hear others stories and how they were resolved. Thanks.
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  17. edlex

    edlex Well-Known Member

    Just got the red/black ballistic case that I bought from amazon yesterday and, just like my grey/black case, the proximity sensor works fine. Looks like the issue could be isolated to a few poorly aligned sensor windows.
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  18. justin inglis

    justin inglis New Member

    alright bro, heres what i did, i got a really sharp knife and just cut the protector off of the sensor cover only,i didnt cut the screen protector off and mine works fine now! give me feedback on how it works:D
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  19. glockman305

    glockman305 Member

    Same here !
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  20. user_user

    user_user New Member

  21. capt512

    capt512 Member

    I have grey and black right when it came out and have the same problem on and off. Had it real bad for about a month then its just intermitent. However the screen brightness (set to automatic) does NOT work for me with my case, as its always dim. If I take it out of case it works like it should.
  22. Apostasy

    Apostasy New Member

    I thought I was losing my mind! I started having the same issues with my ballistic case. I even took my EVO back to the Sprint store. Since I took the phone out of the case first, there were no problems. I leave and put the phone back in the case, same problem. Luckily I found these posts after searching the internet. I bought my 1st case from ebay so I'm screwed there. I just ordered a replacement from the Ballistic site. I LOVE the protection Ballistic offers. Just hope the new case doesn't cover the sensor. At least I'll have actual Ballistic customer service if it does.
  23. pawsrb

    pawsrb New Member

    I too have the sensor problem with my all black hard case which I purchased at Walmart. I have contacted Ballistic to see what they will do. If Ballistic will not send a replacement front then I will be taking it back to Walmart.:(
  24. capt512

    capt512 Member

    Just an update, I ordered another 2 of the ballistic cases (the other colors) this last thanksgiving when they had a 50% off sale. The new cases are updated to fix this problem. The window is much larger. They also seal better IMO and get less dirt in them.
  25. thomasr1950

    thomasr1950 Member

    I just got a Ballistic SG Maxx for my S3. Won't let the case snap into the holder even with just the plastic it won't snap into place. Anyone had this issue?:confused:

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