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Bar code Scanner App

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  1. AbelRod

    AbelRod Member

    I am NOT looking for a bar code scanner app like the one for Amazon that you can go into stores and scan a product.

    I AM looking for an app that scans bar codes that I have created (in our shop) and displays the text into a field.

    Right now we are using SerialMagic Gears and Keys with a Scanfob BT laser scanner and a Transformer TF 101 and a NEXUS7

    its works well but there are a couple things are wrong with it
    1) The BT scanner needs to be reconnected every morning. this may be a problem with the tablets but not sure

    2) SerialMagic Keys take up the "input" method and though we do scan we also type and their keyboard SUCKS. i would like to use SwiftKey

    So I'm looking for suggestions on an app or a configuration to allow us to scan a bar code input it into a selected field AND allow us to efficiently type with a good keyboard

  2. AbelRod

    AbelRod Member


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