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  1. lawl0123

    lawl0123 New Member

    I cant get any barcode scanner app to work on my rush the camera wont focus is there any fix for this? Is any one else having this problem with the rush?

  2. turtle187

    turtle187 Well-Known Member

    if you haven't tried "QR Droid private" try that one if you are using one of the roms that are here there are minor camera problems try getting one of the camera apps from the store
  3. lawl0123

    lawl0123 New Member

    I tried QR Droid Private and im still having the same problem i cant scan any barcode unless its on a monitor it seems to have problems focusing i am also running all stock
  4. jaksew

    jaksew New Member

    As for barcode tools, I used a good pair. One is C# barcode generator and another one is C# barcode reader. I suggest you go to that site. I believe you can find your barcode solution there.

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