Barcode Scanner: one of the greatest apps.

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  1. joedb

    joedb New Member

    Barcode scanner & QR maker should be name of this app. (barcode + QR = BaRQode).
    Most people may not know this, not only you scan barcode with it but best of all you can any contact info with it automatically turns the contact info into QR code make sharing so much more pleasant and last but not least iphone can,t do that what's a QR code you say iphone, well thanks wisegui iphone can now experience what QR means.

  2. bobmathers7

    bobmathers7 New Member

    How do you make the barcode scanner find local stores?
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  3. ForeverNewb

    ForeverNewb Well-Known Member

    You dont find local stores with it... Its designed to be a simple user friendly app for sharing apps/contacts with not shopping. It does however give you the option to search the scanned barcodes online to find product information.
  4. bigdogntn

    bigdogntn New Member

    Does Barcode Scanner tell the price of an individual item? i.e. - I'm in a store, pick up an item with no price tag. Can I scan the bar code and tell what that store is charging? I tried several scanners, but either they give me a list of 10 stores that sell the item (not the store I'm in) or they give me some absurd price. I scanned a bottle of hairspray at WalMart and got a price of $147.46!
  5. mccririck

    mccririck Well-Known Member

    How does Barcode Scanner help with sharing apps and contacts? Are you telling me your contacts have barcodes? Where? In their underpants?

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