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  1. rodvillarreal

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    THANK YOU pwabbit and Bill!! I'll pursue your recommendations.


    I have a Droid (work) and a Moment (mine). On a computer, I can use a handheld scanner and scan directly into a text document or a spreadsheet. I would like to do the same using my cell phones and have had no lick finding an app to accomplish this.... Anyone out there have the skills to make this work?



  2. pwabbit

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  3. Bill

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  4. BerryWing

    BerryWing New Member

    Hopefully this isn't to late.

    Check out Scan to Spreadsheet from Berry Wing.

    It builds a spreadsheet on your phone by scanning barcodes. You can then export to the SD card or email it as an attachment from your phone.

    Also available for the iPhone
  5. rihack

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  6. fdbryant3

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