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Barcode scanning app unable to focus on barcodeSupport

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  1. rkaplins

    rkaplins Member

    Just got my droid incredible tonight and when trying to use the barcode scanner app it keeps trying to focus and just as it is about to lock in on the bar code, it goes out of focus and back in focus again... and repeats over and over.

    I tried cleaning the glass but it is pretty darn clean.

    Anyone else having this issue? Any thoughts?

  2. Rubik76

    Rubik76 Well-Known Member

    Haven't tried it on the Inc (don't have mine yet), but with the Eris you have to hold the phone very still.
  3. jpr18

    jpr18 Well-Known Member

    mine's working fine.... Have you tried a different barcode? Not all will work.
  4. taris300

    taris300 Well-Known Member

    i had the same problem, but i noticed after i used the camera to take a real pic for the first time, it still has a little bit of a hard time focusing, but is a lot better and will scan anything now. don't know why it helped, but it did....good luck
  5. lgldrgdlr

    lgldrgdlr Well-Known Member

    It does that on barcodes that aren't valid. try a different barcode
  6. gearhead364

    gearhead364 New Member

    Also, make sure you are using the correct barcode app, Google Goggles seems to be the best. The third party versions just don't hack it from my experience.
  7. Sorbert

    Sorbert Well-Known Member

    Try shop Savvy. I tested that and barcode on a friends who was having the same problem and it seemed to work better
  8. vinnie21000

    vinnie21000 New Member

    On my dinc I too can not scan barcodes. The camera continually tries to auto-focus on a item. I have tried google goggles and bar code scanner. This is frustrating! I turn off auto-focus in the camera settings however this did nothing, it still tried to focus on the bar code. And yes, I have tried multiple barcodes. I know how quickly it should work based on the version I used to use on my old Iphone. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Ecks

    Ecks Well-Known Member

    ShopSavvy works very well. Something that doesn't work for me is the keyring app that stores all your little keyring barcodes. I've tried this at grocery stores and gas station pumps and it never reads off my screen. IDK if it has anything to do with having a protective film on the screen or not, but I ended up uninstalling it after spending an hour scanning in all the cards I could find around the house.
  10. euph_22

    euph_22 Well-Known Member

    Just to be clear, they are completely different programs so if it takes 3 seconds on a iPhone doesn't mean it will take 3 seconds on the incredible (I'm sure you've been trying for long enough, but I just want to point that out).
    How was the lighting when you tried? the code should be well light, but without glare. Also try holding it a different distances. Rremember that the camera has 8mp of resolution, so feel free to pull the camera back a bit (which should help it focus).

    Actually, I just had a thought. You could look up barcodes on your computer and practice scanning them off the moniter. Get a feel for how far away you need to be, how long, etc.
  11. aarcher

    aarcher New Member

    I am also seeing this exact issue on my dinc running 2.2 stock. My work phone htc eris running 2.1 does the same thing. My wifes droid x works perfectly. I am guessing this is a bug (or just incomatibility) with htc sense or whatever htc uses to control camera. Maybe just a crappy camera in the first place???

    Anyway, it just constantly tries to refocus. shopsavvy hardly works at all (maybe 1 out of 10 tries on the same barcode), "barcode scanner" is slightly better, and google goggles works the best with an average of probably 6 times out of 10 successful; (however goggles is also reading the upc number and not just the barcode). all of these programs demonstrate difficulty in focusing on the barcode. It will find the sweet spot then leave it just as fast and repeat.... really annoying given the money and contract extension i've invested in this phone.

    anyone have an update on a fix for this issue?
  12. sdrawkcab25

    sdrawkcab25 Well-Known Member

    I've found being as far from the barcode as possible works the best. Barcodes that reflect a lot of light don't work well.
  13. n.kandilya

    n.kandilya New Member

    i got my first android phone motorola charm and it is not having auto focus in camera
    so my bar code scanner is not working properly
    plz help out

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