Bare necessities after rooting.

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  1. a1bummer

    a1bummer New Member

    I'm a bit new to the rooting scene, so please forgive any naive questions. I have an LG Optimus T P509, I used Gingerbreak, Superuser and ROM Manager Premium w/ClockworkMod Recovery V5.0.2.0 to root it.

    What are the bare necessities I need to keep this phone running? As in, what system apps and settings, etc. should I NOT delete? I just want to get rid as much as possible w/out bricking it.

    I'm also curious about what other carrier SIM cards will work with it and if there is anything I have to do to prepare it to work with them. Right now I have service through T-Mobile on a prepay basis. I've been with them for about 11 years but over the last year or so, the service has gotten extremely horrible. Most of the places I used to get signal, I don't any more. Now I'm looking at jumping shi[ and going to a Verizon prepay service. But the phones they have for prepay are EXTREMELY limited. Not like other carrier who will let you use whatever phone ya want for whatever service you want. I asked the guy in the Verizon store about SIM cards and I was told they only have 4G SIM's. WIll a 4G SIM card work in my 3G P509? Will I still get service, simply not 4G?

    Last question, I've been told that after rooting, I can somehow hook up via WIFI and use my cell as a hotspot and not get get charged minutes/data like I do now. Is this true? What do I need to do to achieve this?

    Thanks for any help in advance.

  2. a1bummer

    a1bummer New Member

    Well, after some searching and reading, I found this thread,, that answered some of my questions. Haven't been able to read through it entirely yet, but so far it has been very interesting. This guy knows how to put something down in black and whit that can actually keep my attention and makes me want to keep reading. Not mind numbingly boring tech speak at all, yet very informative. If this is the kind of stuff I can expect to entertain myself with, I think I'm gonna like it here.


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