Barely getting to Updating my moment from 1.5 to 2.1??Support

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    Jan 16, 2010
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    Ok I got my phone in january and all this time I have been believing that Sprint would send updates to my moment. I sound really dumb (lol) but anyways I'm trying to update my phone from 1.5 (i know, im late!!) to 2.1. I'm afraid I'm going to mess my phone up and not back up all of my data correctly. What would you recommend as advice to me before updating my phone?? once again.... i was already supposed to update to 2.1 lol but I thought Sprint would send updates out. help and advice, please?? thank you!!

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    May 24, 2010
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    Make sure all of your contacts are backed up with google, if ANY contacts say phone next to it instead of google those will be erased.

    After doing the update, sign into your google account and go into your market and your previously downloaded applications should be there:confused: If they are, redownload all applications one by one. Do NOT back out of the market until all applications are downloaded succesfully.

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