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  1. omegafix

    omegafix Member

    the factory battery does not last to long, my phone died last night at a concert and was worried about my wife and son at home as he is sick, is there a better battery i can get that will last longer for this phone?

  2. ExpHP

    ExpHP Member

    Yes. There are extended batteries available for the SCH-i405. They are a bit bulkier than the standard battery, and come with their own battery cover. Actually, I appreciate the bulkier size of the phone with the extended battery, and whenever I have to switch to the stock battery, my phone feels uncomfortably thin.

    From what I remember, though, the official extended battery from Verizon is pretty pricey. I got a third party one for cheap, and haven't been disappointed. But your mileage may vary.
  3. omegafix

    omegafix Member

    is there any regular sized stronger battery? my phone barely fits in the case i have now. i love this phone but the battery life really sucks
  4. acejavelin

    acejavelin Well-Known Member

    You may find some "rated" slightly higher than the stock 1800mAh one, but they generally have less life than the OEM ones. There are none that I have seen by reputable battery makers like Laza or Mugen. The extended battery is pretty big though, almost twice the size of normal (the OEM one is 3000mAh), and there are aftermarket 4000mAh extended batteries although I have never tried them they can be purchased on Amazon for under $20 shipped: extended battery Samsung Stratosphere: Cell Phones & Accessories
  5. ChaunceyK

    ChaunceyK Well-Known Member

    I just got a 4000mAh battery and I agree its quite bulky. It came with a battery cover, but now what can I do for a new protective case? I don't want anything expensive, just a little something to keep it from getting scruffed & dirty. Any suggestions?
  6. txrose72

    txrose72 Well-Known Member

    You might consider a battery operated charger which has a USB jack and can provide a boost charge to any device which can be charged using a USB jack. It would require carrying the device and a cable when you are in a situation where you need to have backup. I have one made by Kodak which uses two AA batteries and is 1.5x3.5x0.75 which easily fits in a pocket. I just use it when I might need it. The other option is to carry a spare standard size battery with you under those conditions.
  7. tackyjan

    tackyjan Member

    Do you mean that by using this bulkier battery you have to get a whole new back (the black plastic cover) for the phone?

    Also, does it cause the phone to no longer fit in "standard" cases/covers?
  8. tackyjan

    tackyjan Member

    Is there a battery that is the same size as the stock battery but higher than 1800 mA? If so can you kindly direct me to where I can get one? :)

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