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  1. Pongy

    Pongy New Member

    Project Name: Basic Android Launcher
    Date Initiated: 110420 [YYMMDD]
    Project Coordinator: Pongy

    Hi there,

    I have searched the Android Market for a clean and simple launcher based on a list rather than icons but not found one.

    Let's create one! I would like to work as project coordinator and I'm looking for one or several people with the relevant know-how.

    Come on, this could be fun! And if we'll make any money we share fairly.

    Kind regards


    Project URL:
    Contact URL: NEMO Network Management++

  2. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    Doesn't options + List view work equally good.:eek:
    Why make a new one.:rolleyes:
    (It works for Touchwiz Launcher and Launcher 7)

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