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  1. whtge8

    whtge8 Well-Known Member

    How exactly does HDMI work? Do you have to play something from the gallery? Or can you play any video file on your phone. I have some .avi movies that I use arcmedia to play, was wondering if I can HDMI out those.

  2. HDMI on the evo can be used to playback gallery photos (in slideshow mode), youtube, or anything that can be played with teh stock video player. Everything else wont work, until someone comes up with a way to do it.
  3. spyder40

    spyder40 Well-Known Member

    I can only get videos shot on the phone to play, no gallery either individually or slideshow. Pretty irritated. And this is on both my Samsung 650 TV's and two different HDMI cables (one standard and one high speed). HDMI seems fraught with bugginess....
  4. kc_exactly

    kc_exactly Member

    I am trying to see what I can do with hdmi output. I know the camera, app, YouTube app, and video app works. But, how do I get the internet to work? I tried fox's website and pulled up some flash streaming shows and project free tv but had no luck on putting it on my tv. I really want to be able to watch tv shows(other than the CBS shows on the app) on my tv. So how do I watch shows on fox, nBC, and abc or stream movies to the tv. It would be nice if hulu would finally put out an app or see what Google tv will do. Thanks!!!
  5. It doesnt work with hdmi out. If you view a video on a web site that uses the stock player, it should output. But full internet browsing will not work.
  6. kc_exactly

    kc_exactly Member

    Is the a way to watch your browser through hdmi. Specifically can you watch stuff from sites like nbc or any other flash video. I know the app works. And I know the site for nbc and fox work on my phone. They just won't go through the hdmi when you use the browser.
  7. Again, it DOESNT work.

    No, you cannot watch site like NBC because those are flash sites. Again, if the site uses the stock video player to play videos, then it might work via hdmi out. But you cannot play flash video via hdmi.
  8. Palmetto Fellow

    Palmetto Fellow Well-Known Member

    Do we need HTC to make it so that the phone's screen is sent to the HDMI? Would a third party app allow this?

    I have a credit card ready...someone make it happen!
  9. kc_exactly

    kc_exactly Member

    Seriously, where is the app for that?
  10. vtwin-racing

    vtwin-racing Well-Known Member

    Does anybody know about the NBA app, will it use built in player to watch games?
    NBA mobile WIFI from EVO streamed to TV through HDMI is what im wondering.
  11. Panchoevo

    Panchoevo Well-Known Member

    Will HDMI cable reproduce EVO Sprint Navigator screen on another screen ?

    Question: With the hdmi cable, will EVO screen be reproduced on TV. That is, can the TV function as a monitor and reproduce the EVO screen, such that I can reproduce the EVO Sprint Navigator screen on another screen with an HDMI interface ?
  12. akazabam

    akazabam Well-Known Member

  13. Panchoevo

    Panchoevo Well-Known Member

    Thanks. My idea is to replace the radio head unit in my car with one with a 7 inch screen, and use the Sprint Navigator from my phone, via a cable interface.

    You've saved me from going on another wild goose chase.

    Thanks again.
  14. No it cant, did you read this thread?

  15. akazabam

    akazabam Well-Known Member

    This thread was merged. He didn't post here originally. Just saying ;).
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  16. isaemm

    isaemm Well-Known Member

    My Brother has a T-mobile galaxy s and he bought a 3.55 mm jack that has rca jacks on the other end. He can connect his phone to the tv that way and everything he does on his phone shows up on the screen. I watched him play angry birds and play movies from his phone on tv. The sound is good also. I havent tried it on my EVO but am going to once I see him again. Anyone else try this with their EVO? This might be a way to get video to work, although I know its not a HDMi connection, its better than nothing for now.
  17. Nope, not with the evo. Some phones can do this, but since the evo has hdmi they didnt include it.
  18. isaemm

    isaemm Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I tried it and it doesn't work. Oh well, hopefully an app will come out soon.
  19. Panchoevo

    Panchoevo Well-Known Member

  20. Its not an app thats needed. Its a lack of hardware to support video out of the 3.5mm jack.
  21. isaemm

    isaemm Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I know its not an app to get the video to work out of the 3.55 jack. I was referring to an app for the HDMI out.

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