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Basic mp3 player that will play single songs

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  1. Notes_Norton

    Notes_Norton Well-Known Member

    I don't need album art, don't need movies, don't need playlists, my iPod will do all that. What I do need is a small, preferably lightweight mp3 player that will let me play single songs. Ability to move the app to the SD card is also a plus.

    The player that came with my Optimus M wants to play all the songs in the folder, or else makes me make a play list. Frustrating if I just want to hear one song.

    I searched the archives but there was too much info there and too many hits were irrelevant.


  2. alostpacket

    alostpacket Over Macho Grande? VIP Member

    Try my app BlueMuze maybe? It does more than what you ask, but all you have to do is load up the song list and long press on a song for it to play the single song.

    Can be moved to SD as well, takes up about 300k space once moved to SD (200k app data ~100k music cache data depending on your collection size)

    Could also try:
    - doubleTwist
    - Cubed (shows as a little "3" in the market)
    - Player Pro
    - PowerAmp
    - MixZing
    - TuneWiki

    There are a lot out there.
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  3. Android>Apple

    Android>Apple Well-Known Member

    The overwhelming majority of people would not want a player that will only play one song, so I doubt one has been developed. Any player can be made to only play one song, but honestly I can't even imagine why you would wish it to *just* play this one song then not play anything else. Seems a little weird. As far as memory size, if that is what has you worried, then you should be using the Android music player that comes with your phone because it's already there. And it's still gonna be there. So you are losing that memory anyway. If it's RAM you are worried about, try the above player or there are several other very basic players. But they will all play whole folders, not one track. But at any rate, good luck trying to find a single-song MP3 player. :)
  4. Notes_Norton

    Notes_Norton Well-Known Member

    Thanks! This will make the search easier.

    I have an iPod with over 10,000 songs on it (and growing). When I want to play more than one, that's what I bring. I am a musician, and have well over 1,000 LPs and even more CDs at home. Little by little I'm ripping my entire collection to my iPod. But especially with the vinyl, it's time consuming.

    I have a few songs on my phone that are mostly demos of the aftermarket products for Band-in-a-Box that I sell at Norton Music, Band-in-a-Box improvement products (tools and toys) and much more

    Often when I am gigging (my main occupation is musician) another musician will come up to me and ask about my styles for BiaB. I have a website with hundreds of demos, but especially when there is no WiFi available, they take a long time to download to my phone.

    So having a few on my phone to give my friends an idea seemed like a good move for me. But if I play one on the stock media player that came with my Optimus M, it immediately goes on to the next and the next and the next.

    So if somebody wants to hear one of my hard rock demos, I want to be able to play only the hard rock demo and not have the salsa demo immediately follow it.

    I actually have no 'real' songs on my phone, just a bunch of demos. All the real songs are on my iPod which will hold a lot more than my phone does.

    Bob ♫ Notes ♫ Norton
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  5. alostpacket

    alostpacket Over Macho Grande? VIP Member

    Not to sound even more spammy/promotional than my first post (sorry if it did :eek: ), but this is exactly what my app was designed to do. Share songs like yours which are demos or something you want to give someone a free copy of.

    You can send single songs, or send whole playlists (with the mp3/m4a/aac files that go with them) to the person you want to hear the song if they have an Android phone. (there may be an iphone version someday but that would be way off in the future).

    All they need to receive the songs is the trial version of my app, and all you need to send is also the trial (just limited to a max of 7 songs per send, but you can send as many times as you want).

    Full version has unlimited sending and WiFi sending. (WiFi works best on home networks though).
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  6. Android>Apple

    Android>Apple Well-Known Member

    Well I have thought on this and I may have a solution. If you use a file manager(I suggest Astro) to open an MP3 file, then that is all that will play(as opposed to playing the next song in a folder etc). Your songs are probably in /music folder but you an store them wherever. I just did this with Astro, clicked on one song and since I had never clicked on an individual MP3 file before(I doubt many people have) it told me to select a default MP3 player. I chose the default android player. When the song was done it didn't repeat and even FF/RW only restarted it. This is likely the closest you're gonna get to what you want.
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  7. Notes_Norton

    Notes_Norton Well-Known Member

    Ooh, this sounds great. Other than the fact that I can't do a single play, I find nothing wrong with the stock mp3 player.

    I work on the weekends, and I'll check this one out Monday.

    Notes ♫
  8. shauny13

    shauny13 Well-Known Member

    I use tiny player. No thrills, just a great player. ;)
  9. MyNamesTooLong

    MyNamesTooLong Well-Known Member

    Is it really so hard to stop the song at/near the end?
  10. Notes_Norton

    Notes_Norton Well-Known Member

    Yep. If there was a second or two pause it wouldn't be so bad.

    I ended up dl-ing "File Expert" file manager and it does the job. Thanks Android>Apple for the suggestion.

    and alostpacket don't worry about sounding spammy when you are trying to help another user. Although I didn't choose your product, I am grateful for the help.

    It's just that the file manager did some other functions that I didn't know I wanted until I investigated them.

    Although I've been involved in PCs since the 80s (Atari/ST, Mac system 6, DOS5/Windows3.1 and forward) I've only had the smart phone for a few months. Still learning.

    And I'm amazed at how much computing power there is in this little candy bar sized box.

    I used to have a pay-as-you-go cell that I would carry to the gig just in case the unexpected occurred and I couldn't make it to the gig on time (in all the years I've been performing, I've never been late or missed a gig, but you never know).

    When MetroPCS offered a Droid with a $50.00 all-you-can-eat plan, I crunched the numbers and found that for about $2 more a month, I could abandon one of my land-lines and the pay-as-you-go phone and get a smart phone (although it isn't the fastest system out there). Flat rate is important because as a business I get telemarketing calls daily and I don't want to pay minutes for them (a business can't be on the do not call list). Now I wonder how long I've gone without a smart phone.

    Hopefully some day I'll learn enough about these things to help future newbies the way you kind people have come to my aid.

    Thanks again!

    Notes ♫ Norton
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  11. alostpacket

    alostpacket Over Macho Grande? VIP Member

    No worries NN, I just thought you sounded like the perfect user my app is targeted at hehe.

    But best of luck with your choice, and good luck with your music, I'm an amateur musician myself, so it's always nice to see people making a living from it :)
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  12. Notes_Norton

    Notes_Norton Well-Known Member

    So what instrument do you play?

    I'm predominantly a sax player but I double on vocals, flute, wind synth, guitar, keyboard synth, bass, and drums. (Being a chameleon increases your employment opportunities.)

    I've been making a living doing music and nothing but music for most of my life. I had two real jobs (while still playing on the weekends) but they didn't agree with me. I tried, but playing music isn't what I do, it's what I AM.

    I'm approaching senior citizen status very soon, and I could have made a lot more money if I had stayed in electronics engineering, but I wouldn't have been as happy. I make enough to own a small house in a great neighborhood, buy new cars but drive them until they die of natural causes, and even take vacations. And I enjoy my work.

    A wise person once said that if you do for a living what you would do for free, you will never work a day in your life. And other than the two "real jobs" I had, I've never worked a day in my life. They don't call it playing music for nothing.

    Good luck with your app and everything else you do.

    Take care,
    Bob ♫ Notes ♫ Norton
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  13. vosg

    vosg Well-Known Member

    I suggest you install a file manager like Ghost Commander (but any will do, there's an overwhelming choice). Tapping a music file will start the stock player (can't get much lighter than that!) and it will just play that file and stop.
  14. alostpacket

    alostpacket Over Macho Grande? VIP Member

    I used to play the drums for about 12 years when I was younger but now mostly just work on the computer arranging techno/house/trace/electronica type stuff. Mostly it's a hobby for me though.

    Also @Vosg, someone suggested using a file manager already and he said that's what he's going to use already. So you're a bit late on the draw bud :)
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  15. Notes_Norton

    Notes_Norton Well-Known Member

    Computers are my hobby. I wrote my own web sites and use them to make music (backing tracks for my duo, aftermarket products for Band-in-a-Box and Microsoft SongSmith).

    I started on drums, but went to sax because I decided I wanted to play melody. Then came bass, flute and the others.

    Thanks vosg, I've done that already, but do appreciate your help.

    Notes ♫
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  16. purvise

    purvise New Member

    The player that will do a single play is the Creative ZEN. I have one, just used for backing tracks last night. You build a play list, choose singe play, hit start. At the end of the track it stops and waits for the next command. You can just go down your play list one by one or jump around either way it works.

    Also, has a great color display, easy to read.

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  17. nguyen2015

    nguyen2015 New Member

    I know technically any file explorer app can do that. Browse to your music folder, select track file, it'll ask for which player to use, doesn't matter which one, they all will play it once and stop. Some file explorer has built in player that show a small pop up and play right there but if touch outside that little windows, it will exit play.

    So I test a bunch of file explorer apps and found the best one for this purpose is AntTek Explorer Ex. Still has built-in player but full screen interface like google play music so no worry about accidently touching screen and exit play, no need to jump back and forth to another app, more seemless playback, auto go back to track list once play ended. No ads too & nice interface!

    Another option is Music Folder Player Free by ZorillaSoft, not very nice looking, but works. make sure go to settings > behavior > Musician mode (auto pause playback at the beginning of the next track) is checked.

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    Last edited: Mar 28, 2015

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