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Basic (stupid) rooting questions ?

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  1. IanK

    IanK New Member

    Salutations Everyone,

    Basic (stupid) rooting questions in regards to Motorola Citrus? I'm actually new to Android and "smart" phones in general, in fact I just recently retired my ancient flip phone:

    If I root my Citrus do I need a custom ROM specifically designed for it ?

    Ive seen some software made to automate the rooting process, would this be efficacious ?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated !


    As a post script here. My primary impetus for rooting is a burning white-hot hatred for bloat :)

  2. cableguynoe

    cableguynoe Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forum!

    I am not familiar with your phone.
    However, I rooted my D2 and have not installed a custom rom yet.
    But I have uninstalled some of that bloat you talked about;)

    Custom roms can be great though... some alreday come with the bloat removed.
    I just haven't done it because I've been very busy lately and have not had too much time to play with my phone.
    But on my previous android phones, i would install a new custom rom every other day:D
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  3. james27007

    james27007 Look into my Eye VIP Member

    Welcome to the forum, we are glad you are here :D

    As for your questions, If you root you do not need a custom rom, only if you want to. Please understand if you root your phone and/or flash a custom rom your warranty will be voided. Just so you know

    There is an automated process/app for windows for this type of root, I don't have this phone, but the long root method is the same as my captivate with 2.2, so this app should work. Please let me know if it does.

    You can find the one click root here: [APP]SuperOneClick v1.5.5 (Root, Unroot, Enable Non-Market App, Get UNLOCK code) - xda-developers
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  4. IanK

    IanK New Member

    Thanks for responses,

    I had done a bit of research on the issue of rooting the Andriod and kept running into info about custom ROMs. Just wanted to make sure they weren't naturally interrelated...

    Perhaps today or this weekend Ill give the one-click root method (thanks for the link) a try. Ill report the results and my impressions as soon the opportunity arises.

    If any one has more information please post it.

    Thanks again


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