Bass Amp-Acoustic B20 12 in speakerFor Sale

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  1. det1726

    det1726 Well-Known Member

    Have a Acoustic B20 12 in speaker bass amp like new for sale. Asking price is $80 but will negotiate a little depending on the buyers location to take into consideration shipping.

    I'm located in Metro Detroit.


  2. Do you have a picture you took your self with some paper with your user name on it?
  3. det1726

    det1726 Well-Known Member

    If you are interested in making an offer on what I have posted then I can and will provide you with any verification you may require to feel comfortable in moving forward with the transaction.

    However, If your post is not backed by an intent to inquire about the Amp then the only other reason you would be posting a comment like this is to try to question my credibility in a public place where people who may actually be interested in what I have for sale will see your comment and then they will most likely just close the tab and move on because the trouble of going back and forth post for post isnt worth the time put in for my Amp.

    Now, If you are going to defend this faceless act of sabotage by saying you were only trying to help me add important details to my post then let me stop you here because if that were your intentions then for once there is actually a moment here where the private message option really shows its purpose.

    And if you would have took a few seconds to check my stats you can see im an active and verified member on this site, Maybe not any threads you frequent but

    Total Thanks: 79
    Thanked 37 Times in 32 Posts

    Total Posts: 310

    something as simple as those 3 statistics could have subsided any doubt atleast enough to respectfully ask for more verification as part of the inquiry on the item I am selling.

    Basically, to sum up this post shortly, if you are not interested in making an offer on the Amp, you sir, are a degree above the max level of one of the many synonyms for *****e...

    Also to mods You can check every post and thread I have made I am not this type of confrontation junkie at all, ever, so if you are going to fault me for the tone and harshness of my post please look into the underlying intentions of his post and you will see that I am not taking offense to a simple suggestion.

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