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Baterry life too short, is it normal?

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  1. dambros

    dambros New Member

    Yesterday I bought my first smarthphone and after playing a lot with it and getting used to the whole new experience I decided to go to bed (with a 100% charged battery). For my surprise it was at 45% after only 11 hours on standby.

    Is it normal? Or the fact I ended up not charging it to full with the device turned off during the first charge and also halted the charge several times during the first charge may have screwed my battery?

    I realized my Wifi was turned on during the time it was on standby and I was sleeping (for about 8hrs).

    Thanks in advance for your help and sorry for the poor english.

  2. I doubt that's normal, I always got my wifi(should automatically turn off when phone is locked{the button on the top of the phone} settings>connection press the menu key then go advanced and the sleep setting should be there) on and still got 70 ish% left at the end of the day. Most smartphone user develop the habit of charging the phone when they sleep. Did you leave the screen on(in base settings it should turn off automatically in 30 seconds orso when not using it)? I don't know if at the start the battery life was shorter(quite some time ago) but for me it lasts atleast a day when actively using it(webbrowsing, mp3 player etc.) tough I got my brightness at the lowest setting and GPS turned off. If it doesn't get better I guess it's not normal.
  3. dambros

    dambros New Member

    I tried disabling everything I could but this stupid Google Mpas keeps getting back on by itself, so does Mercury...

    I did all you said, excepct brightness on lowest (I use around 30%). I find lowest simply too dark.
  4. Smartphones just use alot more battery then regular phones, but with charging it every night you should be able to manage especially when its on standby if not then your battery is probably not functioning properly. Also I would recommend to upgrade to android 2.3(if it is available in your country and if you haven't done so already) it appears to run faster and lighter then the 2.2 I got with my phone. You can find the PC Suite software you need for this at the LG website(altough I heard some phones come with an SDcard containing the software).
  5. varungnath

    varungnath Well-Known Member

    You are supposed to charge your battery completely before the first use. But i dontr think this would actually screw up your battery life. Give it some time. What i would suggest is, let the battery drain off, charge it completely, then switch off all the wireless and data packs and other unwanted apps (Kill em) and see the back up. Its not a fix, but just a suggestion.
  6. Gremaldin

    Gremaldin Well-Known Member

    LG Optimus One has a huge battery - 1500 mAh! Other phones in a similar price range like the galaxy fit only have a 1250 mAh battery. For me, the battery holds for more than 3 days despite frequent calls and messaging. Battery gets drained faster if you have GPRS, 3G, WiFi, bluetooth, GPS, etc. on. Battery also gets drained when apps run in background. So I suggest you turn off all unwanted connectivity to save battery, especially 3G which drains battery amazingly fast. Also its a good practice to use a task manager app to clear unwanted apps fro memory. This optimizes RAM usage and also saves battery. Many apps open by themselves, so doing this once in a while is good. However, if you still find that battery life is low, I suggest you take your phone to an LG service center. Hope this helps.
  7. laby

    laby Active Member

    My LG P500 battery lasts only for 2 days with frequent use of text messaging, but sometimes, it runs only for 1 day..Maybe because of the unwanted apps running at the memory by themselves..thanks for this post, I've learned something new again. :)
  8. MarnieMcGil

    MarnieMcGil Member

    I was playing with maps yesterday (new phone and operator) turned off the phone and went to bed. This morning the battery was 1/2 gone, although it was 100% at bedtime. Also, out of the blue, a voice tells me to continue down a certain street...?? huh???? I had it turned off, I thought.

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