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  1. johhnyrockws

    johhnyrockws Member

    I just found the batteries on Ebay and purchased two for $20 each! The seller's screen name is rgadhiya.

    This is a U.S. seller out of Tucker, Georgia which is great too and shipping time shouldn't be too bad.

  2. johhnyrockws

    johhnyrockws Member

    I just checked back with the seller and he is already out of stock. Send him a message and check back regularly with him and I'm sure he can get more for us all.

    I included two pictures of his item description for all to see if that helps anyone.

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  3. treyweez11

    treyweez11 Active Member

    Haha i live in tucker!!!
  4. DragonDGG

    DragonDGG Well-Known Member

    a extended battery would be nice
  5. godraw

    godraw Well-Known Member

    I don't see any thumbs up or thumbs down Seller Feedback concerning these batteries.

    Were they good? Not any good? Were they actually real ZTE OEM or an overseas knockoff? Battery longevity as good as what came with the phone?
  6. marca

    marca Well-Known Member

    godraw you know the phones are new, we are the guinea pigs sadly. any thumbs up or down will be coming from us.
  7. godraw

    godraw Well-Known Member

    The OP said he bought two of them. And it would appear as though some else bought bought the third battery that that Seller had. Yet no comments here and no Feedback left on eBay from either Buyer indicating whether they were pleased or not.

    I'm just curious if they were any good.

    I hear ya on the guinea pig. Thankfully I've been quite happy with mine, knock on wood.
  8. marca

    marca Well-Known Member

    im just messing wit ya, as for the phone yes im happy with mine but yea i really want to see feed back and more involvement, i want every one to be happy with their phones because im hoping its success will lead to a better phone experience for us all. :D
  9. Knoxville363

    Knoxville363 Well-Known Member

    I am def interesting in seeing if there is a huge difference or not between the batteries. Please post and let us know after you use them for a while and let us know if they are worth buying or not. I doubt it will be anything significant though BUT who knows.
  10. johhnyrockws

    johhnyrockws Member

    Sorry to get back to you all so late. I just recently saw the update to this thread about the battery results. Yes I am the one who bought two of these.

    I still have not received them yet!!

    Not that it's necessary but I did include a screenshot of my order on Ebay showing the batteries still not delivered. Of course I edited out all personal and sensitive information. The screenshot shows I was supposed to get them between December 6 to the 13th.

    I would say this ebay seller is not to be trusted but he did include the tracking # which is what shows in my screenshot that the order was lost by the USPS. It's not the seller's fault the package is still in transit. That aside I will be filing a grievance with Paypal to get my money back if that's even possible.

    I did contact the USPS to inquire about my package and I did provide them with the tracking # from the ebay seller. First of all I was on hold for about 30 minutes until I finally got a real person only to be told they had no information regarding where the package could be. They gave me an apology and a reference # and I was told to check back regularly for possible updates.

    If I do ever get the batteries I will check back in here and let everybody know if they are generic batteries or of good quality.

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  11. marca

    marca Well-Known Member

    sorry to hear that johhny hope you recover your funds at least, thanks for the heads up.
    the search continues i guess.................
  12. Marknderm

    Marknderm Well-Known Member

    I hope This is not the case with most things that come from ebay cuz I just ordered stuff for my phone too. and its been a while since it was supposed to get to me...Boy I hope this is not gonna be the way it is when you buy from ebay... no offence to anyone who sells on there.
  13. tylersherrill1

    tylersherrill1 New Member

    I think I've found out a way!
  14. tylersherrill1

    tylersherrill1 New Member

    Okay, SO! I've been doing research. Can't find any batteries...Call companies...They just don't make them! ZTE Corp, makes mainly phones for the Chinese...SO! Why would companies in America make batteries for China? Just don't happen. You call ZTE Corp, phone number will be on their website. You tell them you have a ZTE Warp, the battery wont charge, and you've went to Boost mobile and hooked a brand new charger to it, and it still wont charge. So, they agree. You give them your mailing address and that's it! I got mine about a week and a half later. There ya go!
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  15. Rollout

    Rollout Active Member

    They did not ask for yours in return? Odd.... There are now some on ebay, but they take a while to get here from Hong Cong.

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