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  1. Android25

    Android25 Well-Known Member

    Is there a way to turn off the sound warning about the battery being fulled charged without muting the phone? Charge of course always happens in the middle of the night, so I wake up thinking something critical is happening (which is why I don't want to mute my phone in case there is something critical)...but I can't seem to find what setting lets you choose the sound (which of course I'd set as silent) for that message.

    Does anyone know where to find it?

  2. UdvVrf

    UdvVrf Active Member

    same problem (on galaxy s), highly annoying
  3. as2

    as2 New Member

    This is an issue in Galaxy S I9000 (android 2.1) ?! :eek:
    Phone that cost more than $400 ?
    Stupid workaround is to turn off system sounds for night but this
    aslo mutes calendar reminders in the morning?
    Another thread says use Tasker for this :S
  4. jedema

    jedema Member

    don't charge the phone where you sleep?

    I keep my charger in the kitchen not the bedroom...

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