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Battery Charging Icon .png

  1. xXSaXoNXx

    xXSaXoNXx Member

    I was wondering if someone might be able to tell me whether or not the following process would allow me to change the "Battery Charging" images displayed while the device is in the off state.

    *copy the .png(s) wanted (xxxx.png)
    *paste in /res/images using Root Explorer.
    *rename the pasted .png(s) to:
    as the stock ones are named.
    and then delete or move the stock ones to SD.

    Whaddaya all think?

  2. gbiggie

    gbiggie La patience et le pardon Guide

  3. xXSaXoNXx

    xXSaXoNXx Member

    Thanks. that was useful. And, it also turned me onto a whole new hobby lol. Have a good 'un.:thumb::
  4. gbiggie

    gbiggie La patience et le pardon Guide

    Yeah it is kind of addicting(Android in general);)

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