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Battery Charging IndicationSupport

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  1. jaikrishna

    jaikrishna Active Member

    I'm a new user to Android and I'm unable to understand battery charging indications.

    When I plug in the charger, there appears a thunder like symbol in my battery and the battery level animates from current level to top level. After sometime, it stays at top level. At this stage, does it mean it is fully charged?

    But the info below the time(at center) says "Charging" and there is no "Full charge indication".

    Please tell how could I detect if it is fully charged.

    Moreover, the battery in Galaxy Mini is worse and so I've to charge twice a day( 1 hr each time). Is this the real battery performance??:confused:

  2. rajsabharwal

    rajsabharwal Member

    I think there is some bug here, I also notice that though mutliple tools say the battery is 100% but android still says charging and only after 1/2 hour to 1 hour does android say charged.

    BTW for me the charge time from full discharge to fully charged is about 3-3 1/2 hours and it does last a day for a moderate use (but i only use WiFi and keeps to 2G Network only)

    If battery is really that bad , I would suggest first to do a full battery charge cycle (complete discharge to full charge) and then see how it performs else take it to service centre.
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  3. jaikrishna

    jaikrishna Active Member

    Oh does it really take 3 hours to charge.
    Atleast after that, does it show "fully charged" indication??
  4. rajsabharwal

    rajsabharwal Member

    Yup almost three hours.... though USB charging is slightly better.

    And Ya it does show fully charged.

    Attaching pics for charging v/s charged (sorry for poor quality as its from my laptop's webcam). On the charged.jpg see the third symbol from the left "it is a battery with 100% written inside". Also see the third symbol from the right, here the battery is not showing any lighting symbol.

    Attached Files:

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  5. jaikrishna

    jaikrishna Active Member

    Oh thanks a lot. That was what I needed. I searched the whole web and couldn't find a single illustration like that.

    And some people say that android phones shout after getting fully charged. Does it occur on this model also?
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  6. rufsen

    rufsen Member

    Have anyone tried to disable 3G/GPS/sync/WIFI/Bluetooth and then measured battery life - would be interesting to see! Doing this will largely increase battery life..
  7. jaikrishna

    jaikrishna Active Member

    @rufsen: I've already disabled them all and I'm still not able to get a good life.

    btw, Now I have completed many cycles of battery and it is lasting for a day!!!
  8. sahilg009

    sahilg009 Active Member

    root you mobile and install setcpu to under clock your mobile when in standby mobile and use bloat freezer to freeze apps in background
  9. rufsen

    rufsen Member

    Ok, but how do you use it during the day? Is it just left in standby or do you play games 12 hours a day, make several calls etc? :)

    When it last for a day, how does such a day look like in respect to mobile usage?
  10. rufsen

    rufsen Member

    How's your battery life? PLease report usage as well so we can get a fair chance of estimating if it's a good or bad battery life.

    Offtopic: how about the sound quality of this phone? I'm planning on replacing my high-end mp3-player with a mobile instead....do you think I will be satisfied?
  11. xmajk

    xmajk Member

    My phone last for about 3 - 4 days normal use. Wi-fi, gps, 3g and background data transfer is off. I'm using internet only when I need it to check FB, gmail, and some weather, news. it's for about 1 hour a day. calling 30 minutes and about 30 sms a day. playing angry bird for about 15 minutes a day. brightness is in about 1/3. Now it's 2,5 day since charging and 40% of battery left. I'm not using any ATK, only battery solo widget. when I used ATK battery was worse. I charge at night sometimes in the evening and turn my phone off for this 3h
  12. jaikrishna

    jaikrishna Active Member

    @rufsen: My battery usage is as follows
    Calls - 30 minutes
    Browsing - 1 hour
    Angry birds - 30 minutes
    Music(earphones) - 1 hour
    Other(watching video, tweaking..) - 1 hour

    btw, I dont mean battery drain at 1 day, It would be near 35-40%
  13. rufsen

    rufsen Member

    Nice to hear your feedback, seems like the battery life is totally ok if you don't use all nifty functions at once (which I won't either). Thumbs up :)
  14. xmajk

    xmajk Member

    update: 4 days of battery life now 2 % left. It's high time to charge. So I buttery is ok. We just have learn how to use it. I noticed that after uninstalling ATK battery life is much better. I'm also not killing apss in manager.
  15. jaikrishna

    jaikrishna Active Member

    Yeah, Now I see that battery life is good. What makes it worse is our usage. I'm a newbie to android and so I'm always tempted to tweak it often. This makes me use it nearly 10 hours a day and so the battery drains.
  16. nana390

    nana390 New Member

    :mad:I bought my Galaxy mini two months ago and I am not happy AT ALL with the battery. It dies on me every day and needs to be re-charged on a daily basis. I de-activate all apps and wi-fi, bluetooth and all the rest. I dont use my phone very often but still dont get very good life out of it. MY old phone(which was a LG) was much better battery wise.
    Just wondering if others have the same problem or can it be that something is wrong with my battery or hardware or whatnot!
  17. jaikrishna

    jaikrishna Active Member

    @nana: The problem is not with the battery or the manufacturer. All androids suffer from average battery life. The best remedy to overcome this is to be content with what we have. I did this and now I'm happy with my battery.
  18. xmajk

    xmajk Member

    Can U tell me your stats about battery usage? setting, about phone, battery
  19. jaikrishna

    jaikrishna Active Member

    @xmajk Have you found any extra tweak that would favor battery life?
    Whatever I do, even 2 days seems impossible!
  20. xmajk

    xmajk Member

    I really don't have problem with battery and I don't know why. but I'm happy with it :) 2 days it's not a problem form my phone. even with 3h of talking and 30min of internet.some sms and wifi for updating apps.

    I noticed that with 3g watchdog on board battery life is worse. It was the same with takskiller. maybe one of your application is killing battery. In the evening I will write again all of my settings.

    Now I'm using phone for 2d 3h 17min(still 54% of battery) playing angry birds talking and sms also with internet but without 3g
  21. xrosheartkiko

    xrosheartkiko New Member

    do i need to turn off my Galaxy Mini while charging?

    when turned off, does that have and indicator for "fully charged" too? pls answer :) thanks everyone!~
  22. akash619

    akash619 Member

    It would give the Indication even if it is turned off..........

    And its not at all a necessity to turn it off in the first place.:D
  23. yagya

    yagya Well-Known Member

    For best battery performance don't charge your battery to full and charge only when your battery is about 20%.
    If you charge your battery from 20% to around 80-85% in one cycle so that your battery will give you best and prolonged performance. It will also increase the life of battery.
  24. apisfires

    apisfires Member

    maybe all of you try buy kingmax batery for galaxy mini....
  25. anghelica

    anghelica New Member

    Aaaarghhh... i waited for 3 hours expecting that tere whould appear a symbol of a battery with 100% written inside but it doesn't appear.... what shoul i do?? how could i know that it's already fully charged and how to prolong my battery ???

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